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Steve Thorburn is Named Educator of the Year by InfoComm International

Steve Thorburn is immediate past president of the Themed Entertainment Association. Congratulations on receiving this honor from InfoComm! — IPM editors

InfoComm International, the trade association serving the professional audiovisual and information communications industries, has named Steven J. Thorburn CTS-D, CTS-I, Educator of the Year, for his dedication to the education and training of the AV industry. The InfoComm International Educator of the Year award was created to recognize an individual who has made important contributions to the professional development, education, and training of the AV industry on AV topics and values.

Educator of the Year, Steve Thorburn is the cofounder and Director of Engineering at Thorburn Associates Inc. As an industry expert and thought leader of the AV industry, he has dedicated over 35,000 student hours in teaching acoustics and audiovisual technology. Since 1995, Steve has taught at least two or more courses annually at the InfoComm conference, developed and taught multi-day sessions under the original IPD program and co-taught sessions with fellow faculty members of the InfoComm Academy. Steve participated in the development of the CTS-Installation and CTS-Design curriculum courses, and designations which ultimately became industry standards. He is a member of the Senior Faculty for InfoComm Academy and was on InfoComm’s Install School Committee and Design School Committee. Active in the AV industry for over thirty years, Steve has volunteered his knowledge, energy, time, and passion to the AV industry and InfoComm.

What makes Steve Educator of the Year is his ability to teach acoustics and audiovisual system design with passion and clarity such that all of his students respect him as a knowledgeable presenter, bringing real world experiences to each session. Because Steve is such an organized, clear, and engaging teacher he has many repeat students attend his courses. Time and time again students say Steve is a well-respected, knowledgeable, technical and engaging teacher. His students call him, “a deep well of knowledge and a very good speaker that makes even the most complicated topics understandable.”

Steve is a dedicated designer and educator known for his valuable principals on acoustics and audiovisual technology, and he is honored to share it with the rest of the AV industry. Steve’s educational umbrella extends beyond InfoComm. He is also a writer and frequent presenter at industry conferences and educational seminars. Steve is constantly finding different outlets to share information regarding acoustics and audiovisual technology.

At InfoComm 2011 Steve Thorburn is teaching “Acoustics in Architecture,” on June 15th and “AV System Integration Issues for Owners/Facilities Managers,” on June 16th. In addition, he will be teaching a workshop on Planning for Technology on July 24th in National Harbor, Maryland, prior to the SCUP National Conference and again on October 17th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, prior to the EDUCAUSE National Conference. For more information see

About InfoComm International
InfoComm International® is the international trade association of the professional audiovisual and information communications industries. Established in 1939, InfoComm’s 5,000 members including manufacturers, systems integrators, dealers and distributors, independent consultants, programmers, rental and staging companies, end‐users and multimedia professionals from more than 80 countries. InfoComm International® is the leading resource for AV market research and news. Its training and education programs, along with its separately administered Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) and corporately administered Certified Audiovisual Solutions Provider (CAVSP) credentials, set a standard of excellence for AV professionals. InfoComm International is the founder of InfoComm, the largest annual conference and exhibition for AV buyers and sellers worldwide. InfoComm also co‐sponsors the Integrated Systems show in Europe and Russia and the InfoCommAsia shows InfoComm China, InfoComm India and InfoComm Asia. Visit

About Thorburn Associates
Thorburn Associates Inc. (TA) is a professional service firm providing acoustical, technology and lighting design for commercial, corporate, leisure, residential, retail, and houses of worship. TA works in both new construction and renovations. TA is an independent consulting firm – not associated with the sale of any specific brand – offering unbiased designs to improve communication and fully realize the functionality of all projects.

Headquartered in Castro Valley, CA, with regional offices in Los Angeles, Orlando and Raleigh-Durham, NC, TA specializes in highly technological projects. Thorburn Associates has been recognized as one of the leading firms in the acoustical and audiovisual system design industry. In the course of 19 years in business, TA projects have received multiple awards, from the International Communications Industry Association (ICIA-InfoComm), the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). Visit

Judith Rubin
Judith Rubin
Judith Rubin ([email protected]) is a leading journalist, content marketing specialist and connector in the international attractions industry. She reports on design and technical design, production and project management, industry trends and company culture. From 2005-2020 she ran communications and publications for the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). In 2013, she was honored with the TEA Service Award. She was development director of IMERSA and publicist for the Large Format Cinema Association, and has contributed to the publications of PLASA, IAAPA and the International Planetarium Society. Judith joined World’s Fair magazine in 1987, which introduced her to the attractions industry. She joined InPark in 2010. Judith earned a BFA from Pratt Institute. She has lived in Detroit, New York, Oakland, and now Saint Louis, where she is active in the local arts community.

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