Friday, December 8, 2023

Sub Sea Systems partnering with SottoStudios on Aquaticar underwater attraction design

During IAAPA Expo 2023, Jim Mayfield, President & CEO of California-based Sub Sea Systems and Eddie Sotto, founder and President of SottoStudios, announced their collaboration to bring state-of-the-art “submersible” storytelling and innovation to the growing water theme park industry.

Sub Sea Systems is one of the world’s leading designers of groundbreaking, innovative, immersive, and interactive products, and programs for the marine tourism industry. SottoStudios is a multi-disciplinary studio that has created and produced breakthrough experiences for many of the world’s most cherished brands and noted private individuals. While varied in their areas of expertise, both companies share the same proven drive for innovation and creativity and will apply that drive to expand Aquaticar into new realms of entertainment and gamification.

“When I saw the ‘Aquaticar,’, I knew I was seeing a game-changer; an underwater ride vehicle that will make a water park an exciting equal to any theme park,” states Sotto. “I knew I had to apply my Walt Disney Imagineering and other story-creation work background to the technology. You can tell a story with it, something a tube or slide can never do.”

The combination of Sub Sea Systems and SottoStudios will re-imagine the utilitarian look and function of standard water-based attractions and water park elements to integrate a sense of adventure or whimsy more wholly to elevate any water experience. “We are now starting to reimagine what a water park or attraction can be,” adds Sotto. “Everyone cites ‘immersive experiences,’ however, we’re thinking out of the box with cutting-edge submersible experiences.”

“For over 35 years, Sub Sea Systems has built a reputation with proven products and attractions operating around the world,” states Jim Mayfield. “We can now take our products to the next level and present a truly immersive storytelling experience to park developers…unlike anything else that’s on the market. Waterparks are ready for something new, and we’re excited to be a part of this evolution in the industry.”

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