Friday, September 22, 2023

Titanic Belfast to embark on largest single investment to its facilities

Titanic Belfast have announced that work will begin on a multimillion pound refreshment program in January which will see the iconic Titanic Experience being reimagined.

This comes after a busy high season for the visitor attraction which has just welcomed its seven millionth visitor.

The investment is coming from the Titanic Belfast Gallery Refreshment Fund, established when the building opened as part of the commercial operator agreement and held by the charity owner, Maritime Belfast Trust.

During the refreshment period, Titanic Belfast will be closed from Monday, January 2 until Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Visitors will still be able to enjoy the Titanic story during this time with two daily outdoor Discovery Tours to showcase the iconic building and historic slipways. A new standalone ticket for SS Nomadic has also been launched to give people the chance to visit the last remaining White Star Line ship in the world which will be animated by the attraction’s passionate and knowledgeable crew.

Throughout this period of closure, staff will also undertake intensive training in preparation for the relaunch of the Titanic Experience, operate a retail and hospitality offering at SS Nomadic and continue to deliver a number of events in the Titanic Suites.

Denise Kennedy, Titanic Belfast’s Head of Operations said: “We are delighted to have welcomed the seven millionth visitor to Titanic Belfast and are now looking forward to embarking on our most ambitious project and single largest investment to date, in a multimillion-pound refreshment which will see the Titanic Experience transformed.

“Dreaming big is in our DNA and just like the designers who created Titanic, we continually innovate how we tell her story and find new ways to capture the imagination. We will continue to push boundaries with immersive technology, original maritime heritage and the authentic Titanic story, to deliver an enriched, emotive visitor experience.”

Kennedy added: “We are confident that the reimagined experience will amaze visitors and sustain Titanic Belfast as a world-class, ‘must-see’ global visitor attraction for years to come. Whilst closed, we will continue to provide a captivating Titanic experience with two outdoor Discovery Tours every day and a new standalone ticket for SS Nomadic where our crew are looking forward to bringing the story of RMS Titanic’s tender ship to life.”

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