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Tivoli Previews Beatles Theatre Production with New Fireworks Spectacular

Copenhagen, Denmark (April 29, 2015) — On Saturday 2 May, Tivoli hosts the Copenhagen premiere of a new, music-controlled fireworks show. The music comes from the upcoming Tivoli production, Come Together, and offers new interpretations of Beatles classics such as All You Need Is Love and Across the Universe. The fireworks show can be enjoyed on Saturdays at 23.45 from 2 May until 29 August. Come Together, a theatre concert based on songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, premieres on 12 November 2015.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles albums Help and Rubber Soul, which set new standards for pop music. It is also the year John Lennon would have turned 75. Given that it is such a big year for the Beatles, with Ringo Starr also turning 75, Tivoli has decided to join in the celebrations in various ways. November sees a revival of Nikolaj Cederholm and the Hellemann brothers’ successful Come Together, which has played to full houses in Denmark and toured successfully in Europe. But we can get to know the music as early as May, as an accompaniment to Tivoli’s new fireworks show.

Spectacular psychedelia

Tivoli’s new fireworks show consists of 175 firework bombs and 900 battery rockets in psychedelic colours. A total of 75 kg of gunpowder will be fired in just 10 minutes, the duration of the display. Gunnar B. Knudsen, Tivoli’s pyrotechnist and the leading Danish exponent of celebratory fireworks displays, promises an intense, spectacular experience.

Fireworks were on the menu when Tivoli first opened in 1843, and the tradition has been kept up over the years. Musical fireworks are Gunnar B. Knudsen’s speciality, and together with Tivoli he has transformed them into something very special and wonderfully atmospheric, whether the music is Lumbye’s polkas, modern techno or, as here, Lennon & McCartney classics in new, surprising interpretations. The fireworks show can be enjoyed every Saturday at 23.45 from 2 May until 29 August.

Come Together

Come Together has been specially adapted for the Tivoli Concert Hall. With their usual flair for drama, director Nikolaj Cederholm and co. serve up fabulous costumes and world-class lighting design. Singers, musicians and actors defy gravity as they scramble up and down sheer walls in the elegant Concert Hall, only to hover over the audience’s heads shortly later as they deliver exciting interpretations of Beatles classics.

Lotte Andersen, Jimmy Jørgensen, Martin Greis, Mani Spinx, Sara Grabow and Louise Hart are highly experienced theatre concert performers. While maintaining respect for the well-known hits, the singers and actors are capable of offering powerful, unique performances, shedding new light on the songs in a manner that goes far beyond the pleasure of hearing the old classics again.

Come Together is playing in the Tivoli Concert Hall from 12 November to 20 December.

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