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Tivoli invites guests to celebrate Queen Margrethe II’s 50th year of reign

In a celebration of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s 50th anniversary on the Danish throne, Tivoli invites everyone, the Queen and Royal family included, to a festive celebration in Copenhagen’s old and famous amusement park. The celebration will kick off at 11 a.m. on May 21, 2022, with the Queen in attendance and will end with a ballet gala followed by fireworks. Dancers from Hamburg Ballett, The Royal Ballet in London, Paris Opera, New York City Ballet and The Royal Danish Ballet will be performing in honor of the Queen, who has been involved in the production of several ballets in Tivoli through the years.

On January 14, 1972, Crown princess Margrethe followed in her father’s footsteps and became head of state as Queen Margrethe II. A prominent official celebration of the anniversary was supposed to take place, but due to COVID-19, Danish royal officials have pushed all celebrations of the 50th jubilee to the fall of 2022. But in Tivoli, the celebration of the Queen’s long reign will take place on May 21, a celebration that is primarily shaped around the Queen’s love for ballet, music and art.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in discussion of ballet costume. Photo courtesy of Tivoli.

The celebration should also be seen as an appreciation of the long-lived partnership the Queen has with Tivoli Ballet Theatre. For 20 years, Queen Margrethe has been working closely with the ballet theatre in the production and restaging of 8 different ballets, including The Snow Queen and The Nutcracker, where she has created all costumes and scenography. Something that she is doing once again this Christmas when the Nutcracker returns on November 26.

Exhibition and ballet gala

The jubilee celebration will begin at 11 a.m., with the Queen arriving to greet Tivoli’s guests. During the first half of the day, Queen Margrethe will, amongst other things, open an exhibition of some of the many costumes the Queen has created for ballet shows in Tivoli throughout the years.

The second half of the jubilee celebration takes place in the Concert Hall in Tivoli, where a ballet gala will take place. Here the American choreographer John Neumeier from Hamburg Ballet has created parts of the show, and dancers from both Hamburg Ballett, The Royal Ballet in London, Paris Opera, New York City Ballet and The Royal Danish Ballet will be performing in honor of the Queen. Both Queen Margrethe and other members of the Danish Royal Family will be in attendance.

Tivoli’s CEO Susanne Mørch Koch says: “We are very excited to be able to host such festive celebrations in honor of Her Majesty the Queen’s 50th jubilee. For 20 years, the Queen has been part of the team at Tivoli Ballet Theatre. She has contributed so much to the artistic development of the ballet performances at the Pantomime Theater and in Tivoli’s Concert Hall, most recently with The Snow Queen. Over the years, Queen Margrethe has enriched our lives and work with her deep knowledge of ballet and scenography and her unique eye for detail. This is why it makes so much sense for us to honor her with this celebration, and it is an exquisite pleasure to host this international ballet gala in a tribute to the Queen. We look forward with great pleasure to give the Queen this gift on the occasion of her jubilee as a thank you for her artistic efforts at Tivoli. At the same time, we are in the process of preparing several festive initiatives in the amusement park that guests can look forward to on the day.”

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