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Universal Beijing Resort: Everything you need to know for the opening

On Sept. 20, the grand opening of Universal Beijing Resort (UBR), including the Universal Studios Beijing theme park, two resort hotels and Universal CityWalk Beijing, will officially take place, allowing guests to enjoy blockbuster fun with immersive experiences in the largest Universal Studios at its opening, exploring 37 rides and attractions in the seven immersive themed lands of the park, as well as 24 shows and performances in the resort all day long.

Image courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort.

Get a sneak peek into the seven themed lands of Universal Studios Beijing here.

Pre-Opening Trials & Preparations

UBR began its trial operations for the resort on Sept. 1, proceeding with operational testing and rehearsals. Universal Studios Beijing theme park, Universal CityWalk Beijing and two hotels — The Universal Studios Grand Hotel and NUO Resort Hotel — opened to invited guests only including selected resort partners and a limited number of winners in official marketing activities.

During trial operations, invited guests experienced selected rides, attractions, shows and dining services throughout the Universal Studios Beijing theme park on designated dates. Based on feedback and comments from invited guests, UBR will look to adjust operational practices and service details in preparation for the upcoming grand opening.

NUO Resort Hotel at Universal Beijing Resort. Image courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort.

UBR’s admission tickets, including One-Day Dated Ticket, for Universal Studios Beijing theme park officially went on sale starting Sept. 14. At the same time, the resort’s hotels became available for reservations.

Read more about UBR’s two hotels, The Universal Studios Grand Hotel and NUO Resort Hotel, here.

LEED Certification

UBR is certified LEED Gold using the LEED for Cities and Communities rating system. The certification came after years of dedicated planning and work to create a more environmentally friendly and community-driven resort destination.

The certification officially came just months before UBR is set to open and marked an important step for the destination, its guests and team members and the community.

Tom Mehrmann, General Manager of Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd. Theme Park and Resort Management Branch (right), and Dorian Rommel, Managing Director of Hotel Management Branch (left), unveiled the LEED GOLD Community Certification. Photo courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort.

LEED — or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — is one of the world’s most widely used environmental sustainability rating systems for cities and communities, setting global standards for measurable strategies that improve sustainability and quality of life. The program encourages and rates progress toward specific plans for reducing carbon footprint and energy use. It also rates water, waste and transportation initiatives and other factors that contribute to overall quality of life. LEED for Cities and Communities evaluates natural systems and ecology, transportation and land use, water efficiency, energy and greenhouse gas emissions, materials and resources, and quality of life.

Andrew Eitingon, Deputy General Manager of Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd., said, “Universal Beijing Resort seamlessly implements the city sub-center’s green city vision from planning through construction and operation with the goal of achieving environment-friendly and sustainable development. Universal Beijing Resort strives to implement innovative measures, using best-practice standards with the end result being a green, energy-saving, and environment-friendly addition to the city. We will continue to work hard to safeguard the blue skies, white clouds, clear water, and green mountains that surround Beijing.”

Highlights of the recognized efforts by the Resort include:

Green Space

The resort has more than 170 hectares (420 acres) of green space — which is nearly 60 percent more than required to meet LEED certification. Native landscaping has been used to create a continuous green environment, providing natural breaks from structures and guest areas. The resort uses native plants from local nurseries for landscaping and supports enhancing wildlife habitat and guest attraction experiences with reduction in pesticide and fertilizer use. The green space will also benefit both guests and community residents: a resort waterway and accompanying pedestrian walk will be available for both guests and community residents.

Waterway of Universal Beijing Resort. Photo courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort.

Planners at UBR used international water quality standards to design the resort’s water system and filtration process to provide drinking water for guests and team members. More than 2.7 billion liters (713 million gallons) of water will be reclaimed on an annual basis, resulting in significant savings of fresh water. At the same time, the standard for reusable water on-site that meet human health and safety levels has been increased. As additional efforts, UBR also uses on-site anaerobic digesters to process all the food waste.

Energy and GHG emissions

The Resort’s greenhouse gas emissions are less than half of the allowed per capita requirement in the LEED Cities and Communities Standard, which is achieved by utilization of energy efficient infrastructure such as combined cooling heat and power (CCHP), solar PV system and recycling of waste, etc.

Quality of Life

UBR closely partnered with government to create new public transit offerings for the entire community, including a metro station for two lines including the east extension of subway Line 7 and the south extension of Batong Line, and new bus stops and routes and electric shuttle buses for team members. There are also extensive walkways and bike lanes for the use of team members, guests and community residents. Additionally, the resort also provides on-site housing built to the highest energy standards for more than 8,000 team members each of whom will have their own room. This increases quality of life for team members and, because of the reduced commute, also reduces demand on the area’s transportation infrastructure. UBR has also reached partnerships with more than 30 local schools to create special tourism industry coursework so area residents can prepare for a career in tourism.

Located in Beijing Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone, UBR occupies a site of 400 hectares (1,000 acres) in the strategic central area of total about 1,200 hectares (approximately 3,000 acres).

Universal CityWalk Beijing

Before its grand opening, UBR released the full list of 24 dining, retail and entertainment venues at Universal CityWalk Beijing. As the resort’s one-stop dining and entertainment center, Universal CityWalk Beijing is located at the start and end point of every guest’s journey through UBR. Locals and tourists alike can find a full and diverse range of food, shopping and entertainment experiences — all without an admission ticket.

Aiming to bring a fresh and unique experience to all guests, Universal CityWalk Beijing’s venues include 15 distinctive restaurants, 7 themed retail and shopping venues, a multiplex cinema, a financial service and a diverse range of retail and food and beverage kiosks.

One-of-a-kind and Unique F&B Offerings For Beijing

Restaurants from other Universal CityWalk destinations with extraordinary culinary offerings abound, including Universal CityWalk-The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen, where guests will have a chance to savor over-the-top milkshakes as well as exclusive signatures like Too Chocolate Stout and fresh truffle chocolates with dazzling flavors and specialty macaroons at this full service restaurants with all day brunch. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is the table service restaurant with the concept of modern, creative and fun. The BURGUSHI here follows an authentic professional production process and combines the flavors of hamburger and sushi with unique creativity. At CityWalk Red Oven Pizza Bakery, taste authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, bringing a true taste of Italy in Beijing. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., which is finally debuting in Mainland China and presenting a down-home, family-friendly dining experience with an entertaining atmosphere and quality seafood including American Southern style comfort dishes with shrimp and special homemade dippin’ sauces.

CityWalk WUBEI CRAFT FOOD AND BEER at Universal CityWalk Beijing. Image courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort.
A Tale of Worldwide Authentic Taste

In addition to those western delicacies, a wide variety of high-quality dining options reflecting a fusion taste are ready to refuel guests including: CityWalk WUBEI CRAFT FOOD AND BEER offers the WUBEI FLIGHT, a flight of flavorful craft beers brewed exclusively and inspired by five traditional Chinese blessings, as well as notable East-meets-West fusion cuisines such as the fun KONGPAO NACHO. To complement the Southeast Asian taste from Neon Street Hawkers – Southeast Asian Food, Phoenix House Superior Shop makes Hong Kong-style handmade dim sum on-site to make sure your every bite is full of happiness; JUMBO Seafood Restaurant emulates the “Singapore Garden City” vision, bond over fresh, authentic Singapore-style seafood amidst lush greenery; At Peet’s Coffee, guests can enjoy a signature Flat White or an amazing simple Nitro Cold Brew and even a Mango Sago reflecting the local flavors to refuel for the day’s adventures.

Embrace Refreshing Twist and Rejuvenation of Brands

Universal CityWalk Beijing will also showcase a refreshing twist on brands familiar to customers such as, created in cooperation with Mengniu and UBR, Cutie Cones is a trendy and fashionable ice cream and dairy shop waiting for guests to find temptation with its new customized savory ice cream and dairy delicacies; Guests will encounter BMW JOYCUBE, a crossover experience store that integrates brand experience, dining, entertainment, and trendy merchandise crafted by the well-known car brand BMW to indulge in the passion and break the upper limits of joy; In addition, Yum China will open a new KPRO restaurant at Universal CityWalk Beijing. As a restaurant format developed by KFC China, KPRO is designed to offer a global creative menu to a new generation of sophisticated diners with “Fresh, Tasty and Ready” food; TIME TRAVEL GRANDMA’S HOME FLAGSHIP STORE serves its classic meal from its flagship restaurant in Hangzhou for the first time in Beijing while creating a new design concept that also opens great imagination for guests; The time-honored brands with heritage of more than a century Quan Ju De and Dong Lai Shun are re-launching their historic brands with new modern concepts to provide innovative dishes and restaurant atmosphere to guests in Universal CityWalk Beijing; taste Quan Ju De’s authentic secret recipe roast duck at their Walk-up Window, or guests can enjoy Dong Lai Shun’s mutton hot pot dining experience on the terrace with the sunset or the neon lights of Universal CityWalk Beijing.

Image courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort.
Beyond-imagination Trendy Premium Shopping Hub

At Universal CityWalk Beijing, the Universal Studios Store represents a shopping paradise for the resort spread across 750 square meters (about 8070 square feet) stocked with collectibles from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Illumination’s Despicable Me and Minions, DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda and many more movie franchises; HARMAY is a new beauty and lifestyle retail brand popular among young stylish consumers; highly-sought after mystery boxes and IP customized merchandise found at KAKAO FRIENDS Beijing Flagship Store and POP MART Global Toy Factory Store will bring enjoyment and surprise to every guest; ADIDAS MBC STORE and SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL STUDIO will also enable guest to discover limitless possibility of lifestyle in this hub.

A Whole Entertainment Experience and Service unlike Anywhere else

With the next-generation IMAX with Laser commercial theater in Beijing, guests can enjoy spectacular movies with the crystal clear, lifelike images and precision audio of IMAX with Laser to compose an ultimate moviegoing experience, along with 10 other top-class theaters holding together more than 2,000 seats.

The Full List of Universal CityWalk Beijing Venues
Food & Beverage
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Beijing, China
  • CityWalk Red Oven Pizza Bakery
  • Cutie Cones
  • DONG LAI SHUN (Universal CityWalk Beijing Store)
  • JUMBO Seafood Restaurant
  • KPRO (Universal CityWalk Beijing)
  • Neon Street Hawkers – Southeast Asian Food
  • Peet’s Coffee
  • Phoenix House Superior Shop
  • QUANJUDE (Universal CityWalk Beijing Store)
  • The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar
  • Universal CityWalk – The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen
  • KAKAO FRIENDS Beijing Flagship Store
  • POP Mart Global Toy Factory Store
  • Universal CityWalk -The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium Candy Store
  • Universal Studios Store
  • Universal CityWalk Cinema
  • ICBC
Joey Wat, Chief Executive Officer of Yum China (left) and Page Thompson, President and Chief Operating Officer – International of Universal Parks & Resorts (right) exchange the partnership agreement. Image courtesy of Universal Beijing Resort.

Partnerships are Universal

As part of the development and operation of UBR, the park has partnered with multiple other companies and enterprises to deliver on its variety of experiences and entertainment for its guests.


UBR signed an LOI partnership agreement with Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG). According to the agreement, the two parties will initiate a long-term partnership. Tencent’s gaming intellectual property (IP) beloved by younger generations, will be integrated into the new and exciting entertainment experience offered by UBR. Both parties aim to explore presenting Chinese culture to younger generations in a vivid way.

With this partnership, UBR will introduce Tencent Game’s most popular IP in future seasonal events in 2022, to bring a comprehensive and immersive entertainment experience to all guests. In subsequent stages of the plan, the two parties will continue to select IP cooperation for additional seasonal events, and to jointly explore the possibility of launching offline e-sports activities, providing more exciting experiences to guests.

China Life

UBR and China Life also announced a strategic partnership, pledging cooperation in areas including insurance services, brand marketing and social welfare programs, the agreement will serve to provide guests at UBR with safety insurance while they enjoy a fun entertainment experience in the park.

With the agreement, China Life has been designated as the official insurance partner for the resort, providing UBR with comprehensive insurance service during construction and operation. During the construction phase, China Life already provided insurance products with a sum insured totaling approximately 30 billion RMB (US$4.6 billion) with coverage including construction projects and liability insurance. After UBR’s grand opening, China Life will also provide customized insurance services based on the guests’ needs, the park’s operating standards and a range of scenarios.

The partnership will also make use of UBR’s global insights on markets and consumers to drive a series of brand co-marketing creative activities. Among them, the resort will integrate the China Life brand elements familiar with Chinese customers into the immersive storyline of Decepticoaster in Transformers Metrobase land with an innovative, narrative-driven approach aimed at all guests, including the appearance of a China Life Robot (CL Bot).

Yum China

An eight-year strategic partnership brings together UBR and Yum China, the largest restaurant company in China in terms of restaurant numbers and revenue. Under the partnership, both parties will work together to launch a series of online and offline marketing activities, leveraging the brands and concepts applicable to UBR, to provide opportunities for Universal Studios Beijing theme park’s guests, movie fans and Yum China’s large group of customers to enjoy unique Universal-styled experiences. Yum China’s special promotions will be conducted across its KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell brands spanning Yum China’s more than 8,000 stores throughout China and geared towards Yum China’s 230 million digital members.


Alibaba Group and UBR announced a strategic partnership to pioneer a next-generation theme-park experience through applications of innovative technologies and digitization of the entire resort operation.

The collaboration between Alibaba and UBR will capitalize on the strengths of both organizations to create a seamless experience throughout every stage of the guests’ journey with smart technology.

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