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US Company Partners With Disney Cruise Line And NCM Media Networks, The World’s Largest Screen Advertising Company, In The First National Interactive Gaming Cinema Ad Campaign in the US

NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — Audience Entertainment announced it has launched its first US AudienceGameTM mass audience interactive gaming experience in major theatres with globally-recognized sponsor Disney Cruise Line. The new interactive crowdgame will play to large theatre audiences that will control on-screen action from their seats via group arm-waving motion, as part of the pre-show entertainment preceding screenings of newly released hits Twilight – Breaking Dawn and Happy Feet.

Moviegoers will join a classic animated character in a 90-second interactive, big screen version of an amazing new aquatic ride being introduced for the first time this year. The 765 foot experience propels guests with powerful water blasters on an exhilarating flume ride unlike any other. By moving their arms and acting together like a virtual “human joystick” the audience controls game action as they take a virtual video ride along with the classic character while he gathers surprises on his way down the flume. Surprises gathered along the way will be counted at the end of the game and results posted on the screen. No matter what the tally, the audience always wins as it cheers and enjoys this unprecedented interactive experience. (See for a YouTube video of the game.)

The 6 week Christmas campaign will play in select theatres in major cities across America in the FirstLook Pre-Show Program offered by AE partner NCM Media Networks. NCM is the largest screen advertising company in the world, and is a leading integrated media company reaching U.S. consumers in movie theaters, online and through mobile technology. It represents over 18,000 screens owned by the three largest global theatre owners, AMC Theatres, Cinemark, and Regal Cinemas. NCM plans to run other such campaigns monthly, and leading ad sponsors are lining up now.

The exciting new game features the first-ever combination of live video, animated overlays, and game action controlled by the audience, and is targeted at kids and their families. Audience Entertainment has featured other games and advertisers on theatre, IMAX, arena/stadium, rock concert venue, and indoor/outdoor public space screens in over 40 cities in 9 countries on 4 continents around the world, and the games are fast becoming a recognized standard for breakthrough interactive ad campaigns.

“This new AudienceGame is great fun because moviegoers can truly interact directly with the advertiser on the big screen, making the brand both the star and the entertainment,” said Barry Grieff, CEO of Audience Entertainment Group. “Our ongoing relationship with NCM is the centerpiece of our company’s strategy to create a distribution channel for its next generation interactive, social media group gaming platform. This engaging Disney Cruise Line campaign is a new advertising approach and the first of many branded AudienceGames that we look forward to developing with NCM and its national advertising clients in the future.”

Audience Entertainment is building a global network of venue partners to run local and global ad campaigns for leading advertisers and their agencies and can deliver millions of customer views per month. Audience Entertainment has established theatre installations with industry leaders in the US, Russia, and Turkey, and is negotiating with other network partners now in a dozen countries. Large consumer advertisers seeking interactive engagement with their audiences for branding, product introduction, customer activation, and other mass audience projects welcome the 2-5 minutes of undivided audience attention, fun gameplay, excited audience reaction, and unparalleled post-show brand recall featured in AudienceGame projects. Agencies and direct sponsors representing consumer-facing segments including auto, soft drink/beverage, mobile phone, fast food and restaurants, internet apps, ice cream, insurance companies, cereal, credit cards, consumer goods, theme parks, and many others can gain direct access to well-positioned consumers in major global cities via the Audience Entertainment Global Interactive Venue Network.

Audience Entertainment has demonstration partners in New York, London, Beijing, and Shanghai.

About Audience Entertainment Group
Audience Entertainment Group is a privately held New York City-based media technology company that has developed a proprietary interactive platform enabling audience participation in on-screen games in theaters, arenas/stadiums, concert halls, and any other mass consumer settings. While this is the first national Audience Games campaign in the United States, Audience Entertainment Group has been perfecting its new “group motion capture” and “augmented reality” software technology for the past several years at events across the globe. After events in over 40 cities in 9 countries on 4 continents involving hundreds of thousands of participants in cooperation with world-class advertisers including MSNBC, Orange, VW and many others, AE now is building a permanent network of venue installations worldwide. The company is co-owned by its founding members and YDreams, a global company based in Lisbon, Portugal driving the new field of motion-based gaming and large crowd augmented reality with patents and key offices in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and the US. For more information visit

Judith Rubin
Judith Rubin
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