Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Valo Motion introduces new experience

Valo Motion, the Finnish pioneer in active mixed-reality products, is thrilled to unveil Short Circuit, the latest addition to the library of experiences for its award-winning ValoClimb attraction, currently installed in 67 countries across the globe.

Short Circuit is a new interactive experience that challenges up to four climbers to work together in an entirely new way to complete electrical circuits on a climbing wall using their bodies as conduits, accruing bonus points for teamwork. Short Circuit is the 10th title in the ValoClimb catalog.

“The  Valo Motion team is proud that guests at locations with ValoClimb attractions around the world will soon have the opportunity to enjoy the unique Short Circuit experience with friends and family,”said Valo Motion CEO Raine Kajastila. “We’ve never stopped innovating on ValoClimb since we first started shipping units in 2016. Short Circuit is the outcome of our ambition to push the boundary of technology to motivate people to move and have fun.”

Short Circuit utilizes Valo Motion’s player detection system, which allows players to join or leave at any point during the game without causing disruption or requiring a reset. The ValoClimb wall automatically adjusts to accommodate new participants, dynamically updating levels and challenges based on the number of players involved. Short Circuit is also designed to adapt to the height of the player so that kids and adults can play together.

Short Circuit reflects a core component of Valo Motion’s game development ethos, that each new experience should be different from the last, Short Circuit joins an already wide range of interactive climbing experiences available on the ValoClimb platform.

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