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WhiteWater’s new watercoaster opens at Soaky Mountain Waterpark

Soaky Mountain Waterpark officials announced that their new “The Edge” dueling watercoaster was open as of Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

Perched on a 70-foot tower, “The Edge” spans two football fields in length and fuses together WhiteWater’s Master Blaster water coaster with their iconic Boomerango.  

When the ride’s light turns green, riders in double tubes are quickly propelled down a three-story mega drop that leads to the first valley of the ride. Their tubes are then blasted up a hill and into a slide tunnel featuring a kaleidoscope of colors, which is followed by another heart-pounding two-story drop.

A second, uphill blast takes riders into another enclosed tube tunnel featuring colorful, laser-like AquaLucent stripes. When the riders shoot out of this area, they find themselves facing two imposing Boomerango walls all while feeling extreme Gs. Momentum then takes the riders up these massive Boomerango walls which feature clear edges on their very top, giving riders the sensation of going over “The Edge” into the nearby mountain summit. As a final thrill, riders feel a sense of weightlessness before sliding back down and facing a zero-G hump at the end of the ride. The finish line is stacked with lights and effects indicating the winner.

Other additions for the 2022 season include expanded decking in two areas of the park, 1,000 new seating options, additional large umbrellas to increase the shaded areas around the park, PHILLY UP! Cheese Steak Truck, 8 new cabanas (of which five are two stories and have a sun deck), 4 clamshell cabanas and an additional parking booth.

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