Monday, May 10, 2021

Become One with a Farting Cow


Charlotte, NC, USA — The newest addition to Discovery Place’s main entrance at N. Tryon St. is not only bovine, but also gassy. And she’s quite loud about it. Beckoning visitors to the Museum’s newest exhibition Animal Grossology, she’s also offering a rare opportunity to appear on a Discovery Place billboard.

Visitors can stop by to meet and have their picture taken with the cow, then share their photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BlownAwayByScience and they could be featured on a billboard in the Charlotte metro area. They can also email their submission to [email protected] (include the hashtag #BlownAwayByScience). Museum admission is not required to take photo or participate.

Winners will be notified prior to billboard posting. For plenty of fascinating facts on cows and other en-GROSS-ing creatures, check out Animal Grossology, on exhibition through September 2.


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