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7thSense Gives Backbone to Shows at Wanda Wuhan Movie Park

[quote]Working as both a consultant and a system provider, we are proud to have been part of such exciting and boundary-pushing digital theatre experiences.” — Richard Brown, Director at 7thSense[/quote]

Sussex, England (February 3, 2015) — The $690 million three-story theme park owned by Dalian Wanda Group – the Chinese conglomerate that controls the AMC cinema chain in North America – has six state-of-the-art immersive and multi-dimensional movie ride experiences which operators claim make it the first indoor movie theme park in the world. Theatres are spread over 100,000 square metres and include a 5D theatre, 4D theatre, Interactive Theatre, Space Theatre, Flying Theatre and an Experience Theatre.

Designed by Mark Fisher, Creative Art Director behind the Beijing Olympic Ceremonies, the London Olympics and Guangzhou Asian Games, the building’s design inspiration has been drawn from the essence of ChuHan culture.

Orlando-based ITEC Entertainment Corp. is behind the design and production of two theatre experiences – Power of Nature andUltimate Energy – which each use Delta Media Server to power the displays with lossless playback.

Ultimate Energy Theatre at Wuhan Movie Park_image credit ITEC Corp.

The ‘Power of Nature’ 4K theatre is a virtual simulation flying ride that brings visitors face to face with the most powerful natural disasters. The ‘Ultimate Energy’ 5D theatre attraction uses 3D 8K projection, live actors, props, stunts and special effects to transport guests into the future to a time when man is at war with machines.

Wincomn, the distribution partner of 7thSense Design in China, was responsible for technology integration having secured the contract to supply the audio-visual project elements for the Ultimate Energy and Power of Nature theatres in early 2014.

Also featuring Delta Media Server is the ‘Star Theatre’ 3D flight simulator experience, designed and integrated by Simex.

Richard Brown, Director at 7thSense, worked closely on the projects and explained, “Delta Media Server was specifically chosen to meet the client demands of uncompressed video playback and solid reliability for the new theme park.

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