Wednesday, November 29, 2023

#93 – Mesmerizing Digital Technology

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At the Missouri Botanical Garden visitor center, a young visitor gives his attention to the new LED videowall, engineered by Mad Systems to maintain its vivid display even in direct sunlight. Photo by Michael Oliver.

Table of contents


Looking back to the future by Martin Palicki, InPark Magazine Publisher


Alcorn’s tech ecosystem At 6488 Binloop Drive, you’ll find AV leader Alcorn McBride by Gabrielle Russon

Interactive writing UCF/Meow Wolf Writers Workshop
a conversation with Ken Neville, Todd Richins, Peter Weishar and Michael Wilson

Getting the IDEA Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility
by Dr. Kathryn Woodcock, P.Eng., C.C.P.E., I.C.A.E

The army of media servers behind Illuminarium disguise servers power Illuminarium venues in Atlanta and Las Vegas
by Judith Rubin and Martin Palicki

The Mad Magic Mad Systems takes AV++® to global markets
by Michael Oliver

Expanding the brand Angry Birds grows their footprint with three new partnerships
by Martin Palicki

Nanolumens takes LEDs around the curve Nanolumens’ Nixel Series LED monitors wrap around shapes and curves
by James Careless

Storm ready Supply chain challenges and attractions technology
by Scott Harkless, Alcorn McBride

Acquisition stories RWS becomes a mega one-stop shop
by Wendy M. Grant

Boarding pass Flying theaters take guests on the ride of their lives
by Joe Kleiman

Notes from the bleeding edge Tips for successful technology-rich projects
by Joe Fox, Alchemy Controls

Magic is in the air Ambient scent helps immerse Illuminarium guests
by Heather Lane, Prolitec

Welcome to the jungle Bleck & Bleck Architects digs into Kings Dominion’s new themed land
by Martin Palicki

Engineered to succeed EXP’s global consulting practice
by Gene Jeffers

It’s everywhere The changing nature of media-based attractions
edited by Judith Rubin and Joe Kleiman

The power of fire and water Technifex® continues to build on its substantial legacy
by Judith Rubin

Making fun of everything The many interactive faces of Alterface
by Gene Jeffers

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