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BoldMove introduces Houba World, Marsupilami’s Great Adventures themed concept for variety of venues

December 16, 2020 — BoldMove announced today a new indoor concept: Houba World, Marsupilami’s Great Adventures. This has been developed in close cooperation with the creative team of Mediatoon Licensing. As part of the French and Belgian Media Participations Group, Mediatoon Licensing manages the IP of many famous cartoon characters such as Spirou, Lucky Luke and Marsupilami, to name just a few. BoldMove selected the Marsupilami family to develop a new concept for an immersive indoor entertainment center, including a range of media-based attractions and innovative technologies.

Based on a detailed master plan spanning 3,000 square meters, the park features a BoldMove Smash & Reload dark ride with adjusted gameplay and suitable temple theming. With the décor of a tropical forest with riverside, temples and rock formations, 15 attractions can be situated alongside a themed restaurant and a vast retail area with merchandising items. The center is being designed in such a way that it provides the adequate throughput and capacity to match the initial investment and recurrent upgrades.

Jerome Leclercq, CEO at Mediatoon Licensing, comments: “It is an exciting journey to develop such a high- level indoor attraction park featuring our beloved Marsupilami family. The IP is already a great success in merchandising with 50 partners and more than 500 products available. A new CG animated series is in development. We are pleased that BoldMove is helping us to dive further into the Location-Based Entertainment world, bringing the characters closer to everyone’s heart and allowing a bonding and immersive experience. The BoldMove team captured the spirit of our IP into a well-balanced mix of attractions with the most suitable technologies to enrich visitor experiences. We look forward to the roll- out of the concept and our further cooperation in the leisure industry.”

BoldMove CEO Benoit Cornet explains: “Houba World successfully merges the three dimensions that are part of BoldMove’s DNA: the creation of a happy themed world as indoor park, infused with fun media-based attractions centered around the Smash & Reload super compact dark ride, and enhanced with AR and VR technologies. Our expert team and partners ensure a successful end result by handling the creative process up to the actual building and beyond, following the highest quality standards. It’s very inspiring to work so closely with the Mediatoon Licensing creative team, adding our market and technology expertise for everyone to enjoy this great IP.”

Immersive Marsipulami happy world

Houba World immerses guests into the exotic world of the Marsupilami family. This strong and colorful IP brings attractions alive so kids, teenagers and families feel truly part of the adventure. At Houba World, guests can climb the rocks and nest, explore the temple and riverside with VR tracks, visit the 4D cinema, and experience many other thrills. Gameplay and attractions are kept simple and easy to understand for young and old so everyone can join in, enjoying an afternoon in the Houba Forest as part of the friendly Marsupilami family.

Houba World can be built adjacent to an existing location like a shopping mall, cinema or FEC. But it can also be easily integrated into a destination park, regional park or zoo to attract visitors on rainy days. The mix of attractions perfectly allows for a hybrid indoor/outdoor approach and adds great flexibility. Every aspect of the center has been thought through to allow a smooth and extensive operation, whatever the time of the day or the week. A center can be constructed from sizes ranging from 650sqm for an addition to an existing facility to 2000sqm for a standalone with all required infrastructure. Besides attracting more visitors to nearby facilities and raising income from entry tickets, venue and park owners also benefit from an elaborate merchandising offer of over 500 SKUs.

“The likeability of the Marsupilami, the abundance of merchandising combined with the forward thinking of the IP owner make this concept a safe and profitable choice,” adds Benoit Cornet. “This new Houba World consolidates BoldMove’s expertise into an immersive experience across the magical Marsupilami world. We strongly believe creating and building such happy worlds will be a fun experience for all involved!”



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