Sunday, April 14, 2024

BoldMove Nation unveils compact version of Smash & Reload dark ride

With the first Smash & Reload ride installation nearing its completion in Le Pal park in France, BoldMove Nation announces an iconic movable version of its compact (XXS) ride. Compared to its bigger brother, the “Original”, the XXS is designed to be built as an eye-catching stand-alone version outside or inside a building.

The Smash & Reload dark ride can be featured in FECs, leisure venues, outlets or shopping malls, besides its mainstream clientele comprised of attraction parks, holiday resorts and zoos. The circular form of the XXS with its centralized technology hub, allows for an easy installation, maintenance and smooth operation. The attraction can also be taken down and re-assembled at another venue for seasonal events or in between premises.

Smash & Reload is a double action interactive dark ride, designed and developed by BoldMove Nation’s CEO Benoit Cornet. ​ Players aim with their “cuber” at the mushrooms, cooling them down across four scenes. ​ Alternatively, a Western version featuring the Dalton brothers, or a customized IP can be created. Seasoned expert partner Polymorph designs the media content and streamlines all gameplay into a fun and immersive experience.

On a compact footprint of only 144 square meters (1,550 square feet), this attraction can entertain up to 400 persons per hour in rotatable vehicles, each seating 6 persons. The ride system with show control and interactive technology, manufactured and installed by Triotech, is based on award-winning attractions across the globe.

Except for the reduced footprint, this ultra compact dark ride features all the innovative and optimized characteristics of the larger version which will open this spring ​under the name of “Champi’Folies” in Le Pal (France) with “TooMush” theming.

Cornet shares, “What makes this attraction so unique, is that it offers a top quality ride system and media on a very compact space at an affordable price. The XXS version is really meant to bring life into large indoor premises as we see those being increasingly present all over the world. Triotech’s worldwide presence provides a full geographical coverage, whilst BoldMove’s ubiquitous approach to design and gameplay ensures it fits local traditions and culture. The addition of this new ‘movable’ option opens exciting perspectives for a more flexible approach.”

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