Monday, July 22, 2024

BoldMove Nation introduces new attraction: WaterSlider VR

BoldMove Nation announces WaterSlider VR, a new motion and media-based attraction that combines physical thrills with virtual reality. The WaterSlider VR is based on a life raft that can seat up to four people and one wheelchair, accessible via the backside. Designed for both indoor or outdoor facilities, the life raft is integrated in a sea container that houses all required cabling and technical components, as well as a complete light and sound system.

Deep Sea Party, a WaterSlider VR attraction, includes tropical beach party setting. During this 3-minute experience riders will discover hidden secrets of the deep ocean: sunken cities and stone creatures.

Benoit Cornet, CEO and Captain of Creative Minds at BoldMove Nation, explains: “From my sailing experience I can say that a life raft is not something you would like to use, although it will be crucial for survival in case of emergency. The WaterSlider VR, however, is safely boarded on shore and equipped with fun games and music instead of flares and whistles. The guests who are washed ashore can celebrate at the border of the ocean with tropical beach party vibes.”

Creative integration of proven technologies for fun experiences

BoldMove is using existing elements and technologies to craft a new attraction that offers a sensational thrill and virtual experience. The creative team develops the overall concept and theming, partnering with Polymorph and Triotech to bring all elements together.

“This new attraction carries the typical BoldMove signature: a creative integration of advanced yet proven technologies for a fun and thrilling experience,” states Cornet. “Our rides and attractions have a compact footprint and can be easily installed and operated. This is reflected in the interactive Smash & Reload double-action dark rides, offering a fun gameplay with high throughput. WaterSlider VR also perfectly integrates or combines with our AR Hybrid Quest, an indoor or outdoor adventure trail on mobile devices which unlocks virtual portals and worlds.”

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