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BRC Imagination Arts looks back on a good run at Shanghai Expo 2010

Shanghai, China — With the Shanghai 2010 World Expo drawing to a close, BRC Imagination Arts, renowned for the design and production of immersive brand, entertainment and cultural experiences, looks back on its successes at the Information & Communications Pavilion and the USA Pavilion.

Information & Communications Pavilion (ICP)
BRC congratulates China Mobile and China Telecom for embracing new technology that made their jointly hosted Information Communications Pavilion one of the most popular and highly praised corporate pavilions at the Expo. The Pavilion has greeted and engaged more than 3 million guests since it opened on May 1.

BRC conceived and produced the Pavilion experience, which combined immersive digital media with interactive wireless technologies and tactile 4-D special effects. Each visitor was leant an interactive mobile device designed and manufactured by BRC that accompanied them throughout the exhibits and shows, allowing them to personalize their experience and interact with the story. The theme of the Pavilion was “Dream Big,” and the device let visitors capture and store their dreams throughout the show so they could continue their voyage later from home.

“BRC took a whole new approach to the Information Communications Pavilion’s visitor experience, one that fulfilled the long-standing industry dream of combining a shared full-immersion story with interactive mobile technology, while at the same time facilitating huge hourly capacity – as many as 24,700 visitors per day,” said Christian Lachel, Pavilion Creative Director and Vice President, BRC Imagination Arts. “The result was an experience that created a deep emotional connection with the audience. Families and children absolutely loved it.”

BRC’s achievements at the Information Communication Pavilion won the Pavilion two gold 2010 Event Design Awards: Best Interactive Element and Best Use of Media/AV. The Pavilion also won three Honorable Mentions in Exhibitor Magazine’s awards for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo: Best Use of Technology, Best Presentation and People’s Choice. In addition, the Pavilion has been nominated as one of the winners of 2010 China’s Most Successful Design Awards.

USA Pavilion (USAP)
BRC congratulates the hosts of the USA Pavilion for attracting and delighting more than 7 million visitors since the Expo opened its doors nearly six months ago. BRC was responsible for producing the Pavilion’s three-act narrative, an uplifting, sensory experience that touched visitors’ hearts and left them with a sense of wonder and a connection with the people of the United States.

“With over 42,000 visitors every day, the USA Pavilion attracted some of the biggest crowds at the Expo, a major triumph for the United States,” said Bob Rogers, founder and Chief Creative Officer of BRC. “But what truly proved the success of the pavilion were the looks of delight and wonder on the faces of visitors as the show ended. BRC is proud of the role we played in immersing these millions of visitors in a story and production that clearly touched their hearts.”

A recent study by Shanghai’s Fudan University showed that the USA Pavilion met visitors’ high expectations and generated positive perceptions of Americans and American companies. Ninety-five percent of respondents agreed that “visiting the USA Pavilion was worth my time and effort.” More than 93 percent said the Pavilion faithfully represents the American spirit, and more than 90 percent agreed that “Chinese corporations have learned about advanced technologies and managerial skills from American corporations.”

“There is no doubt we exceeded our expectations for the USA Pavilion in terms of attendance and positive messaging about the U.S.,” said Greg Lombardo, Creative Director, Brand Experiences at BRC and the Creative Director for the USA Pavilion. “BRC would like to thank and congratulate our partners who made the Pavilion possible, most notably USA Expo Commissioner General José Villarreal, USA Pavilion President and CEO Martin Alintuck, co-founders Nick Winslow and Ellen Eliasoph, the U.S. Department of State and our 68 sponsors. In keeping with the Pavilion’s theme, this was an effort of tremendous collaboration and teamwork.”

Commissioner General José Villarreal said, “BRC lived up to the USA Pavilion’s theme of Rising to the Challenge by creating an inspiring show that allowed millions of visitors to take a journey into the heart and soul of America that they won’t soon forget.”

All photos courtesy of BRC Imagination Arts and (c) BRC Imagination Arts.

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