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IPM West Coast Editor Mitch Rily’s Radiator Springs Racers review

Each car on the Radiator Springs Racers seats 6 riders, 2 rows of 3 seats, and sports the iconic eyes and smiles that fans of the movies have grown to identify with characters of Cars.

During a 4 minutes drive around Radiator Springs, riders start to “just take a drive” along a beautiful stretch of the car-hood desert mountains that make up the backdrop of Cars Land. As the sights of Route 66 come up over the horizon, riders are then propelled into a classic storybook ride through the town, meeting nearly all characters that make up their fair city. With impressive new animatronics and amazing video projection technology, every Cars character, from Mater’s taunting of the bovine-esque tractors to Doc Hudson’s prep talk is truly like riding along with live cartoons. Then, just as your car has been prepped up by either Luigi and Guido or Ramon, you find your car side-by-side with another set of riders, and the race is on. Cars speed down the track, around dirt-road turns, and over hills and valley before sliding across the finish line to the cheers of Lightening McQueen and Mater. Truly, every rider is a winner in this race, and the entire experience is breathtaking in its technological and artistic design.

Note: All photos copyright Disney 2012.

Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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