Thursday, September 21, 2023

Convious provides dynamic ticketing system to Portuguese waterpark

Parque Aquático de Amarante, part of the Looping Group, has switched its eCommerce operations in 2021 to the Convious attractions management platform. 

Already working with the eCommerce software platform and app owner, this year Parque Aquático embraced the Convious flexible ticketing solution and dynamic pricing initiative.

Parque Aquático de Amarante is the largest mountain waterpark in the Iberian Peninsula. Located close to Porto, Portugal, the waterpark features over 44,000 square meters (473,000 square feet) of rides, slides, pools and welcomes thousands of visitors every year. 

The waterpark was looking to offer a flexible purchasing journey for their visitors, giving them more control over their bookings and in turn, giving the park more insight into customer buying behaviors. 

In the second year of the cooperation, the waterpark adopted Convious Dynamic Pricing, an in-built feature that allows the venue to automatically or manually update ticket pricing, depending on conditions such as time of year and historical trends. This allows more control and flexibility over ticket sales, making it quick and easy to update ticket prices based on current climates.

Dynamic Pricing has allowed them to uplift prices on popular days, which helps to generate more revenue during busy periods, and decrease ticket prices to encourage visitors to purchase tickets on slower days.

Helder Silva, Director, Parque Aquático de Amarante, comments: “Since introducing Dynamic Pricing we’ve seen a drastic uplift in ticket sales, not just through high season but during our quieter times throughout the season too. We’ve seen our online visitor numbers increase from 32,000 in 2019 to 128,000 this year, and our average ticket price has increased by 24 percent!

“The feature has helped streamline our ticket sales process and transformed how we manage our visitor capacity. We can now analyze robust data so we can plan how many employees need to be on site for that day for the number of visitors booked in, which is incredibly helpful as seasonal staff work on a flexible schedule.”

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