Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ride Entertainment breaks ground for new Gerstlauer coaster in Colorado

Ride Entertainment announced that Defiance, a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter roller coaster for Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has officially broken ground.

Featuring a 102.3-degree, 110-foot-tall free fall first drop, Defiance will also boast two custom-designed inversions, making it the highest looping roller coaster in the United States at 7,132 feet above sea level.

Photo credit: Tim Baldwin / ACE

“All of us involved in this project are excited to bring this unique roller coaster to life,” said Ed Hiller, CEO of Ride Entertainment. “Being able to work on Defiance from initial concept, to manufacturing and now installation will be a career highlight for everyone involved.”

“We are beyond thrilled to be working with Glenwood Caverns on this one-of-a-kind attraction,” said Siegfried Gerstlauer, Managing Director of Gerstlauer Rides GmbH. “Defiance is sure to become instantly recognizable around the world for its incredible views and unparalleled thrills.”

Photo credit: Tim Baldwin / ACE

Structure and track for Defiance is currently being manufactured by Gerstlauer in Münsterhausen, Germany. The coaster will be assembled on site by Ride Entertainment’s industry-leading Installations division. The groundbreaking was held as part of the festivities for American Coaster Enthusiasts’ Preservation Conference.

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