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Digitalis Relocates Inflatable Dome Production to Washington Headquarters

Bremerton, WA, USA (June 4, 2012) /PRNewswire/ — Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce that its Digitalis inflatable dome production is moving to the United States.

Digitalis Domes are designed specifically for use with digital planetarium systems, such as Digitalis’ best-selling Digitarium® brand of digital projection systems. An inflatable dome paired with a portable projection system allows users to take the wonders of astronomy on the road or to simply stow the equipment in a closet when it is not needed.

Digitalis™ Domes are made of Digitalis’ imported Nolux™ fabric. This durable, fire retardant fabric consists of six distinct layers which keep out stray light and enhance digital projection. Nolux makes blacks darker, for a noticeably more realistic black night sky simulation, and it increases contrast by minimizing cross-reflection in the dome. Its matte gray projection surface even helps hide wrinkles.

Available in standard sizes from 4 to 7 meters (13 to 23 feet) in diameter, Digitalis Domes are inflated with constant air pressure from a fan. The fan is infinitely adjustable from inside the dome, allowing whisper-quiet operation. A Digitalis Dome and Digitarium planetarium system can be set up or taken down by one person in only 10 to 15 minutes.

By moving dome production from South America to its headquarters in Bremerton, Washington, Digitalis is reducing risks and costs from international supply chains and increasing customization flexibility. By investing in state-of-the-art automation and a skilled US workforce, product quality will be unmatched, even at the same time that prices are being reduced by approximately 25 percent.

Digitalis Domes offer many advantages over competing inflatable domes:

  • True hemispherical projection surface eliminates projection distortion.
  • No vents or other jarring visual interruptions in the projection area.
  • Proprietary Nolux fabric is unique to Digitalis.
  • Easy vertical zippered doorway allows audience to simply step in or out rather than having to crawl through a tunnel or blindly squeeze through tube doorways.
  • For safety, self-adjusting vents keep the dome inflated even if the power is cut, and the dome has no floor, allowing for easy emergency exits and wheelchair access.
  • Fresh air is constantly blown into the dome, but it is directed away from the audience for comfort.
  • Whisper-quiet operation with infinitely adjustable fan speed control so that the teacher does not need to raise his/her voice to compete with the blower.
  • Lighter weight and more compact than domes with large doorways or rings.
  • Extremely fast to set up and take down.
  • Three year limited warranty.
  • US-quality design and production.

Learn more about Digitalis, Digitalis inflatable domes, and Digitarium planetarium systems at

About Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.:
Digitalis was founded in 2003 to create capable and affordable tools for astronomy education. With 400 systems in use around the world, Digitalis is the leading provider of digital planetarium systems worldwide.

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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