Sunday, May 9, 2021

Editorial: Cross platforming and cross pollination

by Judith Rubin, IPM Editor

ABOVE: Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things” brought to life at Halloween Horror Nights. Courtesy Universal Orlando Resort.

We’re in the age of seamlessness. Stories, characters and brand icons now jump blithely from platform to platform. From 2D to 4D. From theme park to museum to pop-up. From home screen to giant screen to dark ride. From the pages of a book to the FEC to the haunted maze to VR. From the hotel room to the escape room. From Broadway to cruise ship. From waterslide to nighttime spectacular to the casino. From your game console to the miniature golf course to your device and back again.

Technology, talent and teamwork combine to ensure that story, character and brand retain their integrity throughout the journey. Each incarnation has the potential to add something. Each medium or platform has inherent qualities that develop story and character, brand and IP. Each platform has an associated activity that influences storytelling and guest engagement, be it competition, exploration, cosplay, experimentation, adventure or conversation; whether active or passive interaction, whether earning points, credits or currency.

The engagement platforms and market sectors influence one another. They will do so more in the future as operators, creatives, storytellers and IP owners continue to seek and find innovative ways to attract and enchant guests while building new revenue sources.

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