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Fantawild Glorious Orient opens to visitors in Huaian, China

Fantawild Glorious Orient in Huaian, China, opened on July 1st 2022. The park was developed by Fantawild Holdings Inc. and the local government of Huaian. With a total investment of over $445 million USD, the park occupies an area just under 150 acres. Featuring five themed streets, as well as 8 indoor and more than 30 outdoor attractions, the new park is estimated to receive over 3 million visitors per year.

Visitors can experience China’s rich history and catch a glimpse of the culture and traditions of eras gone by while immersing themselves into a totally different world. This new park makes use of immersive technology such as AR, VR, and spherical screens to present stories. These tales include Old Summer Palace, Zhi Yuan, Heroine, Glorious Orient, Railroad Warriors, The Glorious Years, and other well-known Chinese tales. 

Photo courtesy of Fantawild Holdings Inc.

On indoor rafting attraction Zhi Yuan, visitors board boats to witness fierce sea battles and better understand the legendary life of the ancient cruiser of the same name which was once part of the Chinese navy. Visitors are immersed in historic events and can soak up the patriotic and adventurous spirit embodied on board this cruiser.

Indoor rafting attraction Zhi Yuan – photo courtesy of Fantawild Holdings Inc.

Huaian Fantawild Glorious Orient provides something for every one – entertainment, dining, and themed performances. Guests can try thrilling attractions like the roller coaster FighterJet, which reaches speeds of 56 miles per hour, or the high-swinging Pirate Adventure. Guests can also enjoy stage or media theater performances throughout the park.

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