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From the archives: #41 – Partnering with China, 2012

On the cover

A Chinese Dragon watches over two of FUNA’s successful projects:

  1. The Amber Theater on the Oasis of the Seas. © Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. All rights reserved.
  2. The Aqua Theater on the Oasis of the Seas. © Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. All rights reserved.

Introduction July 29, 2021

Issue 41 marked a milestone for me. I had been working with InPark for just under a year and was asked to write an article on special format cinema in China. In order to accomplish this, I held my first overnight interview call – the first of many such calls and many hours spent in Chinese consular offices securing visas.

My colleagues at InPark and I do this – the calls at unforgettable hours of the night and the long trips overseas – in order to get to the heart of the story. The story, in this case, is China’s phenomenal growth in the attractions sector. That growth has continued to this day, even through a global pandemic, with announcements and openings this year of new mega-museums and parks from OTC Group, Fantawild, Universal, and Chimelong, among many others. Going forward, we have yet to see how this growth will be expanded by new government rules on foreign ownership of parks.

But for now, we invite you to move the dial back to 2012 and join us as we look at a time when two highly anticipated theme park resorts were right around the corner. Shanghai Disney Resort and Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Resort would end up profoundly influencing both the Chinese and the global markets, but they’re just one chapter in the story of China’s attractions growth spurt.

Joe Kleiman, InPark Magazine Senior Correspondent

Editorial from issue 41 , 2012

InPark Magazine has been covering international parks and projects for many years, but never before have we had an issue so thoroughly dedicated to the Asian market, nor so widely distributed within Asia itself.

InPark is proud to be a media partner with IAAPA for the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo and Noppen for the Theme Park & Resort Expansion Summit. Both of those events are distributing this issue to attendees, in addition to our regular circulation of over 2,000 subscribers.

It’s because of that great reach this issue provides that I’m so pleased with the wide range of concepts we examine.

We sometimes get focused on how our Western companies can help build and enhance Asia’s parks and attractions, but in reality there is a lot that the East can bring to us and help enhance our own capabilities. This issue seeks to examine that in depth, and also showcase some of the great work that is happening in Asia.

We look at trends in both theme parks and waterparks, and break down the biggest projects overseas to try and pinpoint where the future is headed.

Finally, we meet with some of the industry’s most creative minds for an inside look at the design process and what to expect when creating an attraction outside of Europe and the Americas.

If you are new to InPark, welcome, and I encourage you to sign up for a free digital subscription. International topics are nothing new for InPark and they will continue to be a staple of our publication. Enjoy!

Martin Palicki, Editor-in-Chief

Table of contents

Asian initiative TEA reaches out to Asia • by Jeff Mayer

To China and beyond! FUNA expands overseas • by Dawn Allcot

Chinese park trends New international parks • by Christian Aaen & Raymond E. Braun

Demand in design Darrias Baker talks about designing abroad • by Martin Palicki

East-West voices Conversations on themed entertainment • by Judith Rubin

Waterpark trends What to look for in waterparks • by Dan Martin

The sky’s the limit Gary Goddard’s international reach • by Martin Palicki

China 2020 China’s evolving business climate • by Lisa A. Thorburn

The main attraktion Markus Beyr has big plans for parks • by Judith Rubin

China cinema 20 years of immersive cinema in china • by Joe Kleiman

Project portfolio TPG presents a photo essay of recent work

A picture tells 1,000 words The power of photo opportunities • by Norman J. Kahn

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