Thursday, April 22, 2021

Gerstlauer Opens Three Interactive Flat Rides on Three Continents

[quote]When it comes to designing flat rides you have to be unique.” — Siegfried Gerstlauer[/quote]

Munsterhausen, Germany — Gerstlauer continues to innovate when it comes to interactive thrill rides.  2014 has seen the opening of three flat rides on three different continents.  These include:

Sky Roller: Bakken, Denmark

Sky Fly: Camel Republic, Thailand

Sky Fly: Dreamworld, Australia

“We are thrilled with the attention that the Sky Fly and Sky Roller continue to garner,” said Siegfried Gerstlauer, Managing Director of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.  “With the rise of a video game culture, today’s park-goers want some attractions where they are not just passive riders- they want to create their own experience.  Our rides do that through a unique winged vehicle where riders control the flipping.”

The Sky Fly and Sky Roller utilize a seat and restraint similar to Gerstlauer’s Euro-Fighter roller coaster system.  The Sky Fly features group of seats at one end of an arm set an angle that swoops from just above the ground to 22 meters (72 feet) with every rotation.  The Sky Roller is a circle of sweeps set out from a center pole that allows for circular spinning, the ride height is customizable.

Gerstlauer continues to grow by offering flat rides that are different from their competitors.  “We continue to work to design attractions that no one else offers.  Gerstlauer believes that to best service our customer constantly need to innovate and push ourselves to do something different,” said Siegfried Gerstlauer.

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