Monday, December 4, 2023

ICON Leisure set as master design consultant and manager of Leander Springs

ICON Leisure, an end-to-end operational design consulting group specializing in multi-use developments anchored by aquatic and entertainment attractions, has been selected as the official master design and operational consulting firm for Leander Springs. Located in the heart of central Texas, Leander Springs, an iLand Development Group and RGX INVEST project, encompasses 78 acres featuring a lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons technology, hotel and conference center, retail, restaurants, entertainment, residential and office spaces. ICON Leisure will be playing a significant role in the project from beginning to end. In addition to initial design concepting and construction consulting, ICON Leisure will provide ongoing day-to-day management.

“I have worked on many lagoon and surf park projects over the past decade, and this one is particularly exciting because of its fantastic location in the Texas Hill Country,” said Brian Stovall, managing partner of ICON Leisure. “Leander is in the beautiful and prosperous Austin metro area. A prime location with a local population of more than 70,000 residents, over 2.5 million living in the Austin region, and the visitor base of this dynamic destination is growing every year.”

ICON Leisure is actively engaged in the Leander Springs project, providing design and concept guidance that elevates master planning by contributing efficiency and expertise to the overall plan through a seasoned operator’s lens. Services provided by ICON Leisure for the Leander Springs development include:

  • Concept design
  • Business model development
  • Operating budget
  • Construction oversight
  • Owner’s representation
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Operational and marketing plan development
  • Procurement
  • Staffing plans to include recruitment, hiring and training
  • Programming
  • Day to day management and operations

“ICON Leisure brings a holistic perspective to our Leander Springs Live-Work-Play project, by looking ahead from design and construction to operation and management,” said Leander Springs Holdings Development Group Partner, Andrey Derevianko. “A deep knowledge of our industry, products and suppliers coupled with decades of operating experience gives me great confidence that Leander Springs will wow our future residents, tenants, visitors and the community.”

For those unfamiliar with master design enhanced by operational design consulting, Stovall, a 25-year veteran of the industry explains, “Operational design consulting means considering all facets of daily operations, emergency planning, and guest experience with every development decision. Looking at the project from both the operator and the guest perspective simultaneously, ICON Leisure helps developers navigate the multifaceted complexities of designing, developing, and operating mixed-use developments anchored by lagoons, surf parks, waterparks, and other complimentary entertainment features.”

Leander Springs is projected to open in 2024.

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