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Innovative FOTO offers customizable photo booths for reopening attractions

After a year of finding new ways to stay entertained at home, more and more people are looking forward to getting back to experiencing new forms of entertainment at the attractions – zoos, aquariums, museums, theme parks, malls – that they have missed. Many guests will be on the lookout for new, fun ways to document these long-awaited experiences with family and friends giving businesses the perfect opportunity to create standout experiences with photo booths.

Photo booths are a customizable, easy-to-manage asset to add to any attraction to make the guest experience even more special and fun while supplying additional revenue to the venue.

“As summer approaches, we expect to see people return to doing the activities that they love with people they missed,” said Stephen White, Vice President – Sales & Operations, Innovative FOTO. “People have long-awaited these reunions and experiences, so giving your guests a simple way to capture the moment is a long-lasting souvenir that they will deeply cherish.”

Innovative FOTO’s photo booth solutions are simple for attractions to add to their offerings and run themselves. Newly added technology is our all-in-one, customizable PGS Unmanned Green Screen Kiosks that are designed for easy operation and can be enjoyed by guests all on their own. Without the need to increase staffing, unmanned photo kiosks make for a great way to engage customers while generating additional revenue with minimal upkeep. Adding a PGS Unmanned Green Screen Kiosk will not only follow current social distancing guidelines, but will allow for easy, continued revenue for the business well into the future.

Along with supplying recurring revenue, photo booths and kiosks also give attractions a unique opportunity to market their most popular features. Innovative FOTO produces PBS photo kiosks using background segmentation to create interactive experiences for guests at zoos, aquariums, museums, retail, movie theatres, malls and other attractions by allowing them to choose from different virtual background options. Once the photos are captured, guests can choose to either download them digitally or print their photos on media from DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM).

Photo booths, kiosks and printed photo services are a great way to provide guests with a unique experience and photo souvenir that will not fade over time. Each printed photo memory will serve as a constant reminder of their unique, long-awaited experience at the venue with friends or loved ones.

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