Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Learning about the bees and the seas: SeaWorld Orlando’s “Inside Look”

By Judith Rubin

A special program at SeaWorld Orlando offers guests an informative peek behind the scenes cultivating a greater understanding of how the park cares for its animals and works to fulfill its mission of conservation and education. The program runs on select weekends in January, May and November 2020 and is included with park admission.

Photos by Judith Rubin

InPark visited SeaWorld Orlando for the January “Inside Look,” highlighting six locations and two presentations:

**SeaWorld Rescue Center

**Bee Rescue Conservation Program

**Dolphin Theater

**Dive Operations at Manatee Underwater Viewing

**Manta® Aquarium

**Sea Lion & Otter Primary Housing

**Jack Hanna Animal Presentation

**Wildlife Rescue and Research Presentation

SeaWorld Orlando initiated its bee rescue program in 2014, led by the horticulture department to colonize bees that are naturally attracted to the park’s flora. The honey is used by park vets to treat wounds that can’t take traditional bandages. Honey has natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Bees themselves are facing environmental challenges. One of the bees’ favorite nectar plants at SeaWorld Orlando is African Blue Basil.

Behind the scenes at the Manta® Aquarium in SeaWorld Orlando are facilities for growing coral, veterinary care holding pools, water filtration and feeding areas.

A pair of 18-month-old sea lions are in training to join the cast of animal actors at SeaWorld Orlando.

Rescued sea turtles receive care and rehabilitation in pools away from the general population until they are ready to be returned to the wild, if possible, or remain in captivity if not.


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