Wednesday, September 27, 2023

New multimedia show by ECA2 to premiere at Vietnam’s Kiss Bridge

On a stretch of coastline in southern Vietnam, Vietnam’s Sun Group has entrusted show producer ECA2 to create something special on the shores of Phu Quoc. “Kiss the Stars” is a multimedia show, operating in seawater and created around a love story that spans the galaxy.

Before “Kiss the Stars” could become a reality, it needed a stage. ECA2 created one to interact with existing elements, like the Kiss Bridge, Kiss Island, and even the cable car. The result is a massive outdoor theater. For ECA2, the aquatic stage represents the biggest of any of its projects worldwide. Fire and water play amidst light, lasers, and multiple speakers, all with the added challenges of operating in seawater.

The story tells of a boy who is a local from Sunset Town and a girl who is from somewhere at the center of our galaxy. Thanks to the Black Hole vortex, reproduced through special effects, the girl is transported to Earth. The Black Hole is a bridge across time and space that makes everything possible. The show was conceived to work as an all-multimedia experience, or as a hybrid one including dozens of live cast members.


Soft Opening: Full multimedia show, December 24th, 2022
Grand Opening: Cast & Multimedia Show, Early 2023
Venue: Destination Sunset Town, South Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Project Type: Permanent cast & multimedia hybrid spectacular
Project Development: 3 years
Show Duration:
Technical show: 24 minutes
Cast & Multimedia Show: 33 minutes
Audience Capacity: 5,000
Team involved in the project: 200 people

Key Features & Figures:

  • Show operating in seawater
  • Seamless integration into a monumental site
  • Multipurpose design: day, night, with or without cast
  • Largest water cascade screen: 1,000 square meters (10,760 square feet)
  • 4 pools to enable control of water level
  • 1 pool live managed during the show to adapt to cast or special events
  • 1 Architectural Cascade falling into the sea to enhance the island effect
  • Almost 300 fixtures including light, laser, video and custom-made water
    and fire projectors

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