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Les Petits Francais Takes Mexico to the Thea’s

Paris, France — With celebrations in 2010 to mark 200 years of independence and the Centenary of the Revolution, Mexico commemorated two major events in its history that have shaped the way Mexicans are today.

Les Petits Français produced a show as part of the celebrations of the Centenary of the Mexican Revolution.  Titled, Yo Mexico!, the show will be awarded a Thea Award from the Themed Entertainment Association.  The awards, which recognize excellence in the creation of extraordinary experiences, attractions, exhibits and places around the world, will take place March 17, 2012 at the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA, USA.

To define the concept of the show, they drew on the following aims:

  • to celebrate the Mexican people and encourage them to continue building the society to which they aspire,
  • to showcase its creative force through cultural and cutting-edge technological expressions that would make an impression on all Mexicans.

Like all projects carried out by Les Petits Français, this unique event was conceived and developed exclusively for the occasion.

Over 90 minutes, the show gave a poetic account of the most important moments in the history of Mexico, through music and dance, voices and illuminations, gigantic projections and highly esthetic images, accompanied by special effects that did not fail to surprise the spectators.

According to the Thea Awards Committee, Yo Mexico! was chosen for an award because “it succeeded in breaking the mold for arena spectaculars by placing the audience within a three hundred and sixty degree theatrical environment of the show. The five main stages, connected by walkways, ensured that all guests would be able to enjoy a front seat at various times during the performance. Yo México sustained the clear and definitive historical narrative throughout the 90-minute show, a difficult challenge for large arena spectacles. 

“Apart from the innovative broad concept, Yo México’s production team used architectural texture mapping, a projection system that is becoming more and more popular around the world this year because of its dramatic effect. The production team used it to support the narrative rather than using it being the narrative as an ‘effect.’ The show flow graph was masterful. There were huge moments of spectacle and drama yet the production was able to create intimate moments of poetry and dance without losing any intensity, energy or focus.

“By the technique of architectural texture mapping on the surrounding buildings as well as the artful use of poetry, music and dance, the audience was taken on a poetic journey through a hundred years of Mexican history.”

More than 12 000 m2 of moving images, 270° projections on Mexico City’s main square, Zócalo, three “Time Machines” – towers that discreetly housed the lighting, projection, mist, flames and pyrotechnic effects teams; a central stage, along with three stages at the feet of the Time Machines, where more than 300 artists performed, and 100 meters of catwalk joining the four stages, meant the throngs of spectators could be as close as possible to the performers.

More than 1.400 costumes and 600 accessories evoked the different periods in Mexico’s history; 55 video projectors (20.000 lumens) projected images onto the façades around the square; 12 high-resolution (18.000 lumens) video projectors for 12 tulle screens measuring 9 X 4.5 meters; more than 50 flame generators, as well as a circular pyrotechnic display brought the show to its climax and gave rise to lasting emotions. Faultless sound quality was achieved through the use of 16 Line Array systems, which enabled the original soundtrack to be transmitted from any point on the square according to show requirements.

For more information on the Thea Awards or to purchase tickets, visit

Under partners Martin Arnaud (show designer and director) and Marilyn Kuentz (artistic director), Les Petits Français creates spectacles worldwide combining live action with multimedia effects.

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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