Sunday, April 21, 2024

Adventureland builds new themed land and rides

Adventureland Resort announced two new Viking-themed thrill rides for a new themed area coming to the Iowa park in 2023.

The two new thrill rides rides under construction will be a roller coaster and water ride, intertwined. The Flying Viking roller coaster will soar over, under and around family water ride Draken Falls. Flying Viking will travel over 1,300 feet of twisting, turning track. The rushing waters of Draken Falls will navigate towering plunges and multiple splashdowns in a six-person Viking ship.

“These two unique rides are even better when they are woven together, and both add something new and special to our lineup,” said Adventureland General Manager Bill Lentz. “Our guests voiced a desire for a new flume ride, and this next-generation version is bigger and better than anything to be found within hundreds of miles. Pairing it with a thrilling family roller coaster that people of all ages can enjoy is going to be a big hit.”

The design of the Flying Viking can accommodate younger riders, having a minimum height requirement of just 36 inches. Riders will need to be at least 42 inches tall to set sail on Draken Falls.

Designed by Italian ride manufacturer Zamperla, these landmark additions are billed as being the park’s seventh roller coaster, first super flume ride in the Midwest and the second intertwining flume-coaster combination in the country. “Draken Falls and Flying Viking will offer unique thrills as they immerse visitors in a wonderfully themed Viking universe,” said Zamperla Roller Coaster Sales & Marketing Director Adam Sandy. “With beautiful, custom-designed vehicles that interact with each other and their environment, plus satisfying splashdowns and speed bursts, these rides will make great additions to Adventureland’s growing lineup of attractions.”

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