Monday, April 12, 2021

ProSlide Whets the Thrill Appetite at Wet’n’Wild Sydney

[quote]When you’re building the world’s best waterpark, you need the best of the best” — Chris Warhurst, General Manager, Wet’n’Wild Sydney[/quote]

Ottawa, ON, Canada —  “ProSlide brought our vision to life with their innovation. They created complexes that are unique to us and that deliver huge capacities & impact,” says Chris Warhurst, General Manager, Wet’n’Wild Sydney.

By all measures, Village Roadshow Wet’n’Wild Sydney’s first season was a resounding success. Annual passes sold-out in the opening week and the park easily surpassed their attendance targets. ProSlide is proud to have contributed to their success.

Topping the park’s popularity chart are two massive ProSlide custom complexes with six blockbuster rides & a world-class KIDZ Zone. Together they can entertain over 9,000 guests an hour.

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TORNADO thrills
This complex is built around the world’s most recognizable water ride, the ProSlide TORNADO. It includes:

  • Bombora: ProSlide’s TornadoWAVE, the 40 ft wave-wall with the longest hang-times & zero-g forces in the industry  
  • Tantrum: A ProSlide hybrid ride with three TORNADO 24’s in one ride path  
  • T5: Australia’s only dark TORNADO 60

Classic Combo
The second custom complex also delivers maximum family fun with:

  • Double Bowls-eye: A ProSlide hybrid ride that combines two massive BehemothBOWL 40s
  • Riptide: An enclosed MAMMOTH that opens up to an exciting TurboMAMMOTH run-out
  • The Curler: Alternating enclosed and open MAMMOTH sections that push riders through 500 ft (150m) of high banking turns

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Wet’n’Wild Junior
Another key addition to the park is the Wet’n’Wild Junior area with pint-sized versions of our iconic rides. The world’s first KIDZ Bowl, the KIDZ Tornado 24, KIDZ ProRacer, KIDZ Pipeline and  KIDZ Twister were instant hits with the younger crowd. 

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