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Puy du Fou España opens March 27 with new shows and experiences

With 43 years’ experience in bringing legends to life in a unique, universally-acclaimed creative model, Puy du Fou is stepping up its international development with the opening of Puy du Fou España where visitors can travel back in time through the history of Spain. A total of €183 million has been invested to date, with a projected investment of €242 million by 2028, enabling the creation of 687 direct jobs and 2000 indirect jobs.

In 2019, Puy du Fou chose Toledo for the revival of some of the greatest moments in Spain’s history, due to its location just 40 minutes from Madrid (6m. population) and on the doorstep of one of Spain’s main tourist destinations. Toledo attracts 3.5 million visitors annually.

To date, more than 120,000 visitors have watched ‘El Sueño de Toledo’, Puy du Fou’s grand-scale night-time production which brings to life 1500 years of Spanish history. The show has paved the way for the new Park, which features four thrill-packed daytime shows and four period villages, with craftsmen, artisan workshops and restaurants representing different eras of Spanish history.

Puy du Fou continues to place training and development at the heart of its work. Puy du Fou España is the result of 43 years of experience, reinforced by the foundation, 23 years ago, of the Junior Academy. The Academy trains its students in 30 different creative and technical performance-related disciplines. Inspired by the values instilled by 4,300 Puyfolais, the opening of Puy du Fou España represents a tremendous opportunity for career development for 3,087 French and Spanish employees across 200 professions, including creative fields, visitor reception, animal care and welfare, security and catering.

Day time shows at Puy du Fou España
  • El Ultimo Cantar (The Last Song): a grand scale 360˚ show, set in the 11th century, that follows the incredible exploits and epic tale of ‘El Cid’, Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar.
  • A Pluma y Espada (By Feather and Sword): Enjoy a light-hearted swash-buckling adventure featuring Spain’s Golden Age poet, Lope de Vega.
  • Cetrería de Reyes (Falconry of the Kings): Set in the year 939, a truce between the Count Fernán González of Castile and the Caliph takes the unusual form of a duel of falcons and an aerial dance performed by hundreds of birds of prey.
  • Allende la Mar Océana (On the Other Side of the Ocean): Embark on an epic immersive naval experience with Christopher Columbus in 1492, departing from the port of Palos and setting sail through an undiscovered sea towards the west.
Period villages at Puy du Fou España
  • El Arrabal: Stroll through the medieval market in front of the Puerta del Sol where stallholders prepare traditional Spanish food in surroundings inspired by the 13th century.
  • La Puebla Real: Wander through the narrow streets of this 13th century stone-walled village, watch embroiderers and potters at work, and visit the art studios around La Plaza de los Maestros.
  • La Venta de Isidro: Learn about rural life in the Middle Ages in Spain and taste the fresh cheese and vegetables resulting from the cultivation of the land.
  • El Askar Andalusí: Breathe in the scent of honey and almonds and experience daily life in the colourful surroundings of an authentic Moorish camp.

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