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Saudi Pavilion reopens on Shanghai Expo 2010 site

Editor’s note: Post-use of a world expo site has not always had sufficient priority in planning the original event. Due to a number of factors that has been changing. The industry as a whole is now more greenbuilding conscious; expo host cities now actively cultivate the long-term development benefits of hosting; disposal or re-use of a pavilion as part of expo pavilion planning may be mandated by the organizers or participating entity; and expos are subject to political scrutiny in regard to sustainability and fiscal responsibility. It was very much in keeping with Shanghai’s “Better Cities” theme that the expo have a strong legacy to benefit its host city and region. Sentiment is another factor; a certain degree of public heartbreak always attends the dismantling of an world’s fair. The Chinese people responded with warm enthusiasm to Expo 2010, which was the largest in history both in physical size and attendance. –J.R.
Photos: Sky-Skan

 Sky-Skan announced that on 28 September 2011 the Saudi Arabia pavilion created for Shanghai Expo 2010 reopened to visitors as a permanent exhibition at the expo site. Sky-Skan provided a 1,600 square meter (17,000 square foot) video screen for “The Treasure” show at the pavilion.

Visitors to the Saudi Arabia Pavilion’s theater show “The Treasure” are taken over the giant wraparound screen on a suspended moving walkway. The show immerses the audience in the various regions of Saudi Arabia, exporting their distinct features and following their path of development in the various urbanization, industrial, and economic areas.

“The Treasure” is powered by Sky-Skan’s DigitalSky software and Definiti graphics computers. Using 25 projectors, blended together using Sky-Skan’s proprietary techniques, the audience experiences an incredible 35 million unique pixels of resolution compared to 2 million for HDTV. The video screen was installed by Sky-Skan Europe for GPD S.A. of Spain, with GPD working closely with Sky-Skan to produce content for the show.

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Judith Rubin
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