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SeaWorld celebrates Shark Awareness Day with interactions, education, conservation, and thrills

SeaWorld celebrates Shark Awareness Day – July 14, 2022 – with shark experiences for guests of all ages offering shark interactions, education, conservation, and thrills that can be enjoyed year-round. Guests can learn more about efforts to protect threatened and endangered sharks at SeaWorld, including seeing the newest zebra shark pups in Orlando. Thrill seekers can buckle up for a ride on the shark-inspired coasters Great White in San Antonio, and Mako in Orlando. When it is time to refuel, guests can dine with sharks at Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar in Orlando.

“We are privileged to care for such a diverse population of shark species and to share these amazing creatures with the public,” said Dr. Chris Dold, Chief Zoological Officer at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. “Protecting sharks is not always top of mind in part because so many people don’t understand the importance of this species and how they help keep the ocean’s ecosystem in balance. So, creating experiences that enable the public to learn about sharks in fun and engaging ways is essential to better understand and appreciate them as more than just predators. We encourage shark fans everywhere to come out to our park and support Shark Awareness Day and experience the wonder and awe of these stealthy creatures of the deep.”

SeaWorld parks provide a wide range of shark experiences and shark themed activities including: 

·       Shark Encounter® offers an up-close look at these prehistoric predators whose ancestors dominated the sea more than a hundred million years before the dinosaur. The aquarium habitats include several species of sharks, rays, and fish. San Antonio features a 450,000-gallon aquarium and San Diego’s 280,000-gallon attraction features a 57-foot acrylic tube running the length of the sharks’ habitat. Orlando’s 700,000-gallon aquarium includes one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels.

·       Explorer’s Reef is home to several species of sharks and in San Antonio this includes zebra, sand tiger, blacktip, and nurse – all of which are considered vulnerable species. Animal Care Ambassadors also share insights about these animals at each habitat in San Antonio and San Diego. In San Diego, guests can feel what it’s like to touch bamboo sharks in the touch pools.

·       Behind the Scenes Shark Tours include ‘Sharks Up-Close’ in Orlando and San Antonio enable guests to go above the habitat to peer down into the shark aquariums, learn about sharks from experts. Guests can also touch a small shark and feed several species in the shark shallows in Orlando.  

·       Move Like a Shark on Shark Inspired Roller Coasters include Orlando’s Mako®, that is named for one of the ocean’s fastest known sharks. This hyper coaster speeds up to 73 mph, up to 200 feet high, and surges through shipwreck reef. As the first roller coaster ever at a SeaWorld park, this year marks the 25th anniversary of SeaWorld® San Antonio’s Great White roller coaster, a floorless, inverted coaster with 360-degree flips.

·       Feed the Sharks with animal feeding stations in Orlando that enable guests to feed sharks patrolling the Shark Shallows.

·       Dine and Drink Next to Sharks at Orlando’sSharks Underwater Grill® and Bar and experience fascinating and ever-changing views of sharks. Fan favorite cocktails the Mako Margarita and the all-new Shark-Tail offer refreshing ways for adults to cool down and beat the heat while watching these goliaths of the deep.

In addition, informative signage teaches guests important information about shark conservation and ways to get involved. For example, while guests are in the queue lines for SeaWorld Orlando’s Mako coaster, guests can learn more about sharks through digital displays. Interactions are hosted by marine wildlife artist and conservationist Guy Harvey, who provides access to real science and insights to sharks in the wild and ways humans can help protect the species. Guests also have access to real-time shark tracking and videos of compelling shark expeditions to better understand the importance of this critical species.

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