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Semnox introduces recipe management feature for its F&B inventory management module

Semnox Solutions has enhanced its Inventory Management module to include the Recipe Management feature, which can be implemented to forecast and manufacture the recipes based on the historic sales data. Semnox considers this a gamechanger in standard F&B implementation to track cost and manage inventory accurately. 

Semnox’s Parafait eZeeInventory application manages the complete inventory process, which includes: Item Set up, Purchase Order and Receiving and Stock Control.  The Recipe Management will now provide users with the ability to forecast, plan and prepare food and beverages based on historical data and upcoming events, making it possible to tracking inventory at the level of ingredients for each food or beverage sold, thereby helping businesses manage stock purchases, and wastages effectively.

The Recipe Management is divided into three key sections:


This will help the user to forecast recipes for a specific date or for a set of dates. The plan created can be modified to include a higher or lower percentage of sales based on seasonal or aspirational possibility of sales. Users then include or exclude recipes from the production plan.

Production Plan

Production Plan allows the users to view the plans created for specific dates. The user can choose to view the plan either daily, weekly, monthly or can view all the recipes generated at a stretch. The user can also include any specific recipe in the forecast, if required. After finalizing the recipes for the date, Kitchen Production Notes are created, to manage the preparation and inventory for the selected date/ days.

Kitchen Production Note

The user can view the manufacturing details of all the recipes based on the forecast and planning process. The details of inventory of the standard product, semi-finished product and finished product that is required for manufacturing/ production can be viewed.

If you are a business with a venue that has F&B sales and would like to know how to plan better and reduce wastage and control pilferage, then the Parafait eZeeInventory module with its Recipe Management add-on is the answer to your problems.

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