Wednesday, April 21, 2021

SimEx-Iwerks Introduces SkyRide Attraction Simulator

Toronto, ON, Canada —  SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment is pleased to announce SkyRide – its new attraction simulator technology.

SkyRide’s superior electric motion platform capabilities, together with laser projection and our extensive film library, provide the audience with a fully immersive flying experience. Attractions where flight and suspended disbelief oriented experiences are the objective, will find SkyRide a compelling product.

iwerks sky1

In 1984 SimEx-Iwerks brought to market “Tour of the Universe” at the CN Tower in Toronto.  ‘Tour of the Universe’ was the industry’s first such travelogue type simulated flight experience that allowed travellers to tour the universe.  Japan and other destination locations followed with local flight content.

Later, SimEx provided a new generation of travelogue technology with SkyRide at the Empire State Building. Geared to tourists, SkyRide is still is a major destination attraction in New York after 18 years.

iwerks sky3

Currently being installed are similar travel experiences, in multiple locations, using SimEx 4D Theater flight simulator technology.

iwerks sky2

Today, with the announcement of its new SkyRide, SimeEx is providing another generation of simulator attraction equipment that could take guests on a flight around your location.

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