Saturday, June 15, 2024

Six Flags announces slew of park technology upgrades, including AI integrations

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation unveiled digital transformations to overhaul multiple facets of the guest journey within its parks. The company stated that AI has been a cornerstone of its strategy, enabling the introduction of enhancements to improve guest experiences and streamline park operations.

“Our guests are at the heart of everything we do, and this digital transformation is a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled experiences where technology meets fun and excitement,” said Selim Bassoul, CEO of Six Flags. “AI allows us to enrich and personalize every guest touchpoint.”

The technology enhancements are spearheaded by The Digital Alliance, which brings together companies to identify the solutions for enhancement of the guest journey.

“We are transforming Six Flags into a technology-centric entertainment company. With the formation of the largest global digital alliance in the theme park industry, we are setting the foundation to lead with innovation and digital excellence,” said Omar Jacques Omran, Chief Digital Officer of Six Flags. “Six Flags is reinventing amusement, making every moment more personalized and efficient.”

Noteworthy advancements include:

AI is at the forefront of elevating customer engagement, pre-visit planning and personalizing the guest experience.

  • The company’s new website, set to launch this year, will leverage AI to update the guest experience, including personalization and a new upcoming loyalty program.
  • Missi Six, the new digital concierge powered by Generative AI, will debut in the Six Flags app and on the website.
  • Revamped mobile app to include interactive maps for easier park navigation, mobile food ordering, and upcoming customized recommendations based on user’s preferences.
  • New Six Flags Digital Wallet, soon to launch, will enable guests to access their loyalty benefits and use their favorite payment methods via the app, smartwatch, or wristbands across all Six Flags theme and water parks, eliminating the need for physical wallets.
  • Rolling out new integrated, real-time video, and photo-capturing technology on roller coasters, enabling guests to relive their exhilarating moments with instantly accessible, high quality imagery that captures the thrill of each ride.
  • Introducing a new endeavor to expand the digital entertainment frontier by launching an e-gaming initiative and a new metaverse gaming platform designed to merge the thrill of the theme parks with the immersive world of online gaming.

Introducing new innovations to expedite access to rides, food, and retail

  • Food and beverage self-serving kiosks provide a seamless selection process while maximizing the benefits of guest passes.
  • Guests can swiftly order food using QR Codes or NFC technology at tables without having the need to download the app.
  • An upcoming retail self-checkout options, available via kiosks or the app, will allow guests to quickly purchase merchandise without waiting in line.

Leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency and excellence

  • Implementing Live Ride Wait Times across multiple parks, featuring new sensors that provide accurate wait times.
  • Speedy Parking, a new toll plaza automated entry, uses computer vision and AI to recognize registered license plates, allowing automatic car entry within 3 seconds.
  • The rollout of AI drowning prevention system across the company’s waterparks.
  • Revamping Point-of-Sale ecosystem with 3,200 new devices and the introduction of 1,000 handheld POS for quicker transactions.

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