Thursday, September 21, 2023

SMPTE 2023 leadership elected: Renard Jenkins named SMPTE president

SMPTE, the home of media professionals, technologists, and engineers, announced the results of the 2022 Society Elections and introduced the board officers and regional governors who will begin serving terms in January 2023. This leadership group will continue SMPTE’s work to enable interoperability across media workflows, reimagine how professionals access engineering documents and articles, and guide the Society in providing ongoing value and service to the industry.

SMPTE Officers Renard T. Jenkins of Warner Bros. Discovery has been elected SMPTE president, Richard Welsh of Deluxe Media Inc. as SMPTE executive vice president, Michael Zink of Warner Bros. Discovery as SMPTE education vice president, and Lisa Hobbs of MediaKind as SMPTE secretary/treasurer, all for two-year terms. They join 2022-23 officers Hans Hoffmann (past president), Sally Hattori (standards vice president), Paul Stechly (finance vice president), and Rose Lockwood (membership vice president).

“I am honored to be elected as the next SMPTE president,” said Jenkins, who will be the first African American to serve in the SMPTE president role. “I look forward to respecting the Society’s past while working with my colleagues to build a sustainable future. As we focus on cutting-edge technology, innovative tools, and diverse perspectives and ideas, we will create a forward-leaning organization to increase participation and our influence throughout the media and entertainment space. By partnering with our peers across the technology and standards sectors and being inclusive of all groups through all of our global offerings, we are laying the foundation for a more collaborative future. All these elements are essential if the Society is to continue to thrive, remain relevant, and provide a welcoming and supportive environment for professionals and students across our industry.”

New SMPTE Regional Governors

For the two-year 2023-24 term, the Society has elected nine regional governors.

Asia-Pacific Region

  • Tony Ngai, Society of Motion Imaging Ltd.

Canada Region

  • François Bourdua, VS-Tek, Strategies & Technologies

Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Central South American Region

  • Fernando Bittencourt, FB Consultant

United Kingdom Region

  • Chris Johns, Sky UK

USA-Eastern Region

  • Dover Mundt, Riedel Communications

USA-Central Region

  • William T. Hayes, Iowa PBS

USA-Hollywood Region

  • Eric Gsell, Dolby Laboratories
  • Marty Meyer, PRG Los Angeles

USA-New York Region

  • Thomas Mauro, Media Consultant

USA-Western Region

  • Jeffrey F. Way, Panasas

“We have work to do as a Society and as an industry, and the SMPTE leadership team is up to the challenge,” said SMPTE Executive Director David Grindle. “The dedication, energy and intelligence of this group reflect the interest and passion of the larger SMPTE membership, and I am excited about the work we’ll do together as we continue to move the Society forward.”

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