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Flying over Indonesia, newest flying theater attraction from Super 78, opens at Trans Studio Bali

December 19, 2019 — This week in Bali, Super 78 launched their newest Flying Theater attraction, Flying over Indonesia. The launch was held in conjunction with the premiere of the Trans Studio theme park, which is designed as the first “Instagrammable” theme park in the world. The grand opening ceremony was held this past weekend in Bali, Indonesia.

This state-of-the-art ride takes guests on a thrilling aerial tour of Indonesia including Borneo, Lake Toba, the Bali Coast, Jakarta, the Kuin River and Komodo Island, which also features one of the first underwater sequences for a flying attraction. Among the other firsts for Flying Over Indonesia, thousands of extras from each region were also used in several of the shots to add an element of authenticity to the film and provide additional cultural relevance for the guests.

The entire 20-minute-long guest experience includes a special Indonesian-themed pre-show and the latest high tech flying theater ride system from Dynamic Attractions.

“We wanted to create more than just a travelogue of the country,” said Brent Young, Super 78’s President and Creative Director. “So we developed a story that makes guests active participants in an enchanted hang-gliding adventure. After lifting off in a serene classical Indonesian garden, they are transported to some of the most stunning areas of this incredible country. From the rainforests to volcanic mountains to astounding temples to a coral reef at Raja Ampat, there is something for everyone in this experience.”

The high-resolution footage was captured by 8K digital cameras flown on helicopters and drones. The production benefitted from the use of Mushroom VR™, Super 78’s proprietary virtual reality media review tool. Minutes after the production helicopter, team members using Mushroom VR could watch new footage projected on a virtual model of the theater dome, while sitting in a virtual model of the ride vehicle, and make adjustments right in the field.

Added Paul Washburn, Super 78 Producer of the film, “This was by far the most rugged terrain we’ve ever had to shoot, but it was really the only way to authentically represent just how diverse and beautiful Indonesia truly is.” Added Washburn, “Trans Studio and their chairman were so welcoming and were great partners making sure we got the locations safely for all the shots we needed. We are so proud of this film.”


Inside the theater, the ride film is displayed with state-of-the art Christie digital laser projectors. Binaural sound is delivered to each guest through the ride vehicle, from Dynamic Attractions, complimenting the theater’s own complex surround sound system.

Flying over Indonesian also boasts an original musical score, composed by Yessian Music that emotionally transports guests to the country’s different regions in a seamless way.

“Super 78 has been creating Flying Theater attractions since 2008 and Flying Over Indonesia represents the pinnacle of that experience,” said Dina Benadon, Super 78’s CEO and Executive Producer. “Brent had a vision for this film from the very beginning. The final results really reflect a beautiful country that is full of picture-perfect landscapes and provides an unforgettable impression of the country. It’s the perfect combination of story, beauty and music all working in harmony.”

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Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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