Saturday, January 28, 2023

Take Flight adds new sensorially immersive film to lineup

Take Flight theater is proud to be adding a new film to its lineup for a limited time. “Mesmerica Air” by James Hood allows guests to take a journey inside their minds, to engage their senses in a miraculous alchemy of sound and light.

According to Chris Ebben, Attractions Director for Wilderness Resort, “This family-friendly film is a mind-blowing 360-degree immersive, music and art experience designed to relieve stress. It leaves all who see it speechless, full of love and life.”

“As guests stare at Take Flight’s enormous 65-foot wide by 48-foot tall domed screen, they are taken on a fantastic journey of awe-inspiring imaginary landscapes that no two guests see it the same way, yet all who leave the show are smiling. It is so unique.”

The Take Flight Theater has 60 motion-based seats that roll, dip and glide. Once participants are buckled into their seats, the doors to the three-story theater rise and the seats surge forward, leaving guests’ feet dangling as they stare at an enormous domed movie screen. Artificial scents, wind and mist add to the sensation of flying.

Image courtesy of Take Flight.

Mesmerica is showing for a limited time from 8:30 pm – 11 pm nightly. Also showing daily are “Ice Age No Time For Nuts – The Ride” and the resort’s “Flying Wild” film, which takes participants “soaring” over famous national landmarks and America’s breathtaking national parks can be seen from 10 am – 11 pm daily.

Participants must be at least four-years-old and at least 32 inches tall to ride with a chaperone or 42 inches tall to ride alone. The maximum weight allowance is 300 lbs.

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