Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Texas Digital Launches Outdoor LED Product Line

College Station, Texas − Texas Digital Systems Inc. (TDS), a leading provider of visual communication solutions, has added Outdoor LED displays to its line of signage solutions. Outdoor LED displays are very effective in attracting attention, delivering memorable messages and influencing viewer action. The addition of this product line allows TDS customers to expand their messaging from strictly indoor signage to outside the facility.
The Outdoor LED display can be used for standalone messaging or incorporated into larger static signs. Applications for outdoor LED displays include advertising and promotions at businesses as well as education campuses, stadiums, parking garages, entertainment venues, worship facilities, convention centers and more.
The energy-efficient LED display with enhanced brightness and contrast is offered in both full-color and monochrome options to fit multiple applications and budgets. Messaging can bechanged “on-the-fly” and updated to the sign in real time with Texas Digital’s VitalCAST software solution. For installations where local zoning regulations limit the use and frequency of video and message changes, Texas Digital also offers a simple, point-and-click software.
The modular Outdoor LED display system allows for maximum size flexibility that can be customized to almost any specification. Displays can be as large as 45-foot high by 80-foot wide, and in 13.3, 16, 20 and 26.7mm pixel spacing sizes to suit various viewing distances.
Durability, low maintenance costs and servicing considerations were paramount in the design and selection of the display components, notes Romney Stewart, Vice President of Customer Services. Texas Digital has over 15 years experience in developing outdoor visual communication solutions, with more than 24,000 AccuVIEW drive-up order confirmation displays and OmniVIEW Outdoor LCD displays installed across the world. “Texas Digital is well known for supporting products with quick and effective resolutions, and our Outdoor LED display is serviced in the same professional manner. Our dedicated project management teams ensure that each Texas Digital’s Outdoor LED modules are front serviceable, meaning they are easier to access and the modular nature of the product allows the overall sign to remain functional even during on-site service and maintenance. Each approximately 1-foot by 1-foot LED module is independent and interchangeable, making maintenance a plug-and-play operation.

“We are excited to expand our digital signage offerings into another area of our outdoor signage expertise that is growing quickly and highly visible. Our customers have repeatedly expressed a need for this kind of signage and we look forward to now providing them with a complete turnkey solution that combines their outdoor and indoor signage together under one system that is supplied and supported by one provider,” said Dennis Davidson, president and COO of Texas Digital.

About Texas Digital: 
Established in 1972, Texas Digital is a leading provider of digital signage solutions, with over 24,000 installations worldwide. Texas Digital’s customers include leaders in the corporate communications, education, cinema, healthcare, sports & entertainment, financial and quick-serve restaurant industries. For more information on Texas Digital and its products, visit
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Martin Palicki
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