Friday, September 22, 2023

Triotech offers high tech thrill with coin-op simulator for Andretti Indoor Karting & Games and other FECs

Triotech, creator of interactive attractions, announced strong earning numbers for its Storm VR coin-op interactive simulator. The Storm has also been recognized for best attractions and best rides lists for FECs and Arcades.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games is just one example of the more than 200 arcades and FECs all over the world with the attraction installed.

“The Storm has an incredible appeal in our locations. The return on investment has been remarkably fast as we paid it in 2 months only with the revenues it generated,” reported David Pascoe, Amusement Director at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games.

Featuring a world-premiere for coin-op VR games, players interact by simple hand and arm motion; there is no controller in their hands. Triotech’s Storm comes with wind effects, motion and exclusive content developed by Triotech.

Triotech offers a library of content with the attraction. Triotech’s latest movie for the Storm is called “Sugary Slope.” It is an interactive adventure that embarks players in an action-packed competitive race in a world of candies, lollipops and chocolate geysers.

“We have worked with Triotech for more than 8 years. We love the reliability of their equipment and trust them to develop attractions that visitors will love and that generate revenues” added David Pascoe.

Triotech and its Storm simulator will be present at Amusement Expo International (AMOA) in Las Vegas as well as the DEAL Show in Dubai with Amusement Services International LLC (ASI), distributor for Triotech’s product in the MENA region.

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