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Vikingløp racing slide opens at Rulantica waterpark

On February 8, 2023, Chief Juror of Miss Germany Bruce Darnell, alongside the candidates for this year’s competition, ceremoniously opened the Vikingløp racing slide in the Rulantica, Europa-Park’s water world. Eight guests at a time can now slide down a total of 1,500 meters (nearly 5,000 feet) of slides on mats.

The highlight in the new Nordiskturn area is the Vikingløp racing slide, built on a sparkling gemstone mine. After climbing the 30-meter-high (almost 100-foot-high) “Nordiskturn,” a total of eight tube slides are available for visitors looking for the chance to race against each other. As they go down headfirst on mats, every second counts, as only one will be first over the finish line, where they can be cheered on by spectators in the grandstand. Visitors are also able to see their competition during the slide itself.

“With Nordiskturn and Vikingløp, we are very proud to now be opening the third slide tower, as well as the largest and most complex expansion of the indoor area of the Rulantica water world to date. We have thus been able to expand our year-round offering in a very attractive way,” says Roland Mack, owner of Europa-Park. At 7,700 square meters (83,000 square feet), the slide tower not only offers plenty of water fun for guests aged ten and over, but also gives visitors the opportunity to stay and relax, with over 400 loungers and two F&B facilities.

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