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Vue Orleans to open venue utilizing Gateway Ticketing’s integrated programs and services

Vue Orleans in New Orleans has chosen to open with Gateway Ticketing Systems and their Galaxy Ticketing and Guest Experience solution.

Vue Orleans is an indoor and outdoor observatory and cultural exhibit featuring 360-degree panoramic riverfront views of New Orleans and beyond. Located in the former World Trade Center building, this interactive experience is designed to honor, celebrate and share stories of the diverse cultures that converged to create the magic that is New Orleans.

Vue Orleans initially plans to launch with Galaxy Ticketing Point-of-Sale and the eGalaxy Web Store so they can sell tickets onsite and online. They will also leverage Galaxy Connect, the cloud-based platform that will allow them to sell live, gate-ready tickets through any number of online travel agencies with just a single integration.

Rendering of Vue Orleans outdoor venue. Image courtesy of Gateway Ticketing Systems.

Finally, Vue Orleans will also go live with CRM Plus, Gateway’s customer relationship management tool that integrates directly with Galaxy. CRM Plus collects data from every guest transaction and updates it on that guest’s contact record, giving venues a better understanding of their behaviors and motivations, and allowing them to provide a personalized guest experience every time.

“When selecting a ticketing solution for our new venture, I was very impressed with Gateway’s experience, scope and proprietary technology that will ensure our guests’ ticket purchase experience is seamless, enjoyable and secure,” says David Rand, General Manager at Vue Orleans.

“We’re excited to be working with Vue Orleans and their incredible Operations and IT teams,” says Peter Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gateway Ticketing Systems. “We love working with a brand-new attraction, watching their venue develop, and helping address many of the challenges they face leading up to opening. We’re also proud to be a small part of the grand history of this building and the surrounding area.”

Vue Orleans plans to open and go live with Galaxy in Spring of 2022.

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