Thursday, April 15, 2021

#83 – Waterparks and more!

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Polin’s Looping Rocket, created with their clear composite Glassy, is now open at Candyland park at Vogue Hotel Bodrum. Courtesy Polin.


Meet the press: The IPM team interview one other

Engineering the aquarium: EXP helps create the new St. Louis Aquarium • by Daniel Christman, Vice President, EXP and Brandon Lemonier, Principal, EXP

Photo booth serendipity: Innovative FOTO kiosks help visitors preserve the memory with minimal contact risk • by Judith Rubin

COVER ARTICLE I can see clearly now: Polin’s new Glassy product adds transparent charm to a resort’s new waterpark • by Joe Kleiman

Transitions 2020: Nathan Jones – Attractions Man • Interview by Martin Palicki

Transitions 2020: Christine Kerr – Operations, Design and beyond • Interview by Martin Palicki

Planning for 2021: WhiteWater offers scalable options to parks getting ready for next season • by Martin Palicki

Inside Action League, the interactive revolution: Alterface’s unique mix of tournament, interactive gaming and motion • Interview by Martin Palicki

Forged in steel, tempered by imagination: Vekoma opens two new intertwining roller coasters in Germany • Interview by Martin Palicki

Theme park storytelling: Five lessons from my large-scale study • by Carissa Baker, Ph.D.

Festival of Licensing: Anna Knight of Informa Markets discusses the 2020 Festival of Licensing and the attractions industry • Interview by Judith Rubin

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