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Djurs Sommerland opens Dinosaurland in Denmark

Dino fans rejoice! Djurs Sommerland has opened their new themed area: Dinosaurland in Denmark, as of June 2022. Within the park awaits 25 life-size dinosaurs, a themed playground, family-oriented rollercoaster, and a jeep safari tour where the giant lizards reunite with the mighty King Kong. Dinosaurland marks the largest project Djurs Sommerland has ever undertaken and is said to be the largest Danish tourist attraction to date.

Dinosaurland, the park’s tenth themed land, has been developed together with international theme park specialists from Leisure Expert Group in the Netherlands with an ambition to create a different dinosaur experience than the one you can experience in zoos and museums.

“We look forward to our guests experiencing Dinosaurland. The bar is set high to give our guests an experience beyond the ordinary, an experience they will drive long after. This applies to the actual theming of the area, but we have also selected some really good family rides. In addition, it is a plus that Dinosaurland can be experienced together across ages and generations. Here, the 3-year-old, 13-year-old, mother and father and grandparents will have fun,” says CEO Henrik B. Nielsen.

The nearly 5-acre themed land is built around a storytelling, where paleontologists from Dino Inc. invites guests inside their dinosaur camp after making unique finds. Not only have dinosaur bones been uncovered, but what they thought were fossilized dinosaur eggs have hatched and dinosaurs are once again walking the Earth.

The 25 dinosaurs within the land include popular species like: T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Citipati, and Edmontonia. They are all carefully selected and created Billings Productions in Texas, USA, who are known for their animatronic dinosaurs.

New family rides and reunion with King Kong

The T-Rex Family Coaster, sends 38 guests on a giant drill on a shortcut through rock walls, having close encounters with dinosaurs.

Dino Xpedition is a dinosaur safari that sits 4 guests in each car of a 16-jeep caravan. Along the way, a surprising reunion with King Kong awaits before a Megalosaurus is close to breaking out of its enclosure. 

The dinosaur excavation playground, which is divided into five experience zones where an amateur paleontologist will have free rein to explore and excavate.

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