Monday, May 27, 2024

Fantawild set to build Glorious Orient theme park in Guizhou

On September 27, the 2021 Guizhou Promotion Conference for Culture and Tourism Industry was held in China’s Guizhou Province. At the conference, it was announced that Fantawild will build a new park, Guizhou Glorious Orient, in the province.

Fantawild, with 15 years of experience in the entertainment and tourism industry, has built several Glorious Orient theme parks in recent years, all inspired by China’s road to modernization. These parks have become popular tourist destinations due to their themes in cities such as Ganzhou and Ningbo. The plan to develop a new park in Guizhou fits the history and spirit of the province. It will also provide a modern style of edutainment.

Guizhou Daily reported on its official WeChat account that “the new Guizhou Glorious Orient park will present to visitors the charm of combining advanced technology and culture with an interactive and immersive experience.” Aided by technology such as AR, VR, a motion tracked boat ride and a panoramic trackless spinning theater complete with vivid scenes, the new park will present visitors with China’s historical challenges, while bringing them a truly unique experience.

With Fantawild’s strong creative prowess and research skills, the new park will have more than 10 large-scale themed attractions, dozens of outdoor attractions, and hundreds of landscape designs, as well as many restaurants and shops.

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