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IAAPA Expo 2022 Preview: What to Expect on the Show Floor (Part 1)

It’s back! This year, InPark is returning with previews of what to expect from exhibitors at this year’s IAAPA Expo, taking place in Orlando, Florida, from November 14-18. This preview takes a look at what’s shaking at Powersoft, getting in the VR game with VRstudios, and seeing the journey of a single ticket with Gateway Ticketing Systems.

Powersoft – Booth #465

First-time IAAPA attendee, Powersoft will be showcasing Mover, the company’s low-frequency direct-drive/tactile transducer, which is designed to reproduce sound through haptic perception, or the body’s capability to feel low-end frequencies through bone conduction. Mover can be used in moving floors, seats and rides to transfer both audible and inaudible frequencies to the human body.

Photo courtesy of Powersoft.

Marc Kocks, key account and business development consultant for Powersoft, explains: “Mover allows for an unprecedented and immersive user experience. It can give the audience the sensation of falling, elevation, or being shaken as part of an attraction.”

This technology is already being used at both Illuminarium venues in Atlanta and Las Vegas, where a 162-Mover installation is allowing thousands of visitors to experience the ground-shaking tremor of an elephant‘s stomp or the low-end rumble of a space rocket launch.

Football Frenzy, a VRstudios experience available for FURY products. Image courtesy of VRstudios.
Creative Works / VRstudios – Booths #4072 & #4271

VRstudios, a creator of turnkey virtual reality (VR) experiences and attractions for location-based entertainment (LBE), is excited to debut the FURY Solo, an unattended, single-player VR attraction designed to deliver multiple Real Sport VR experiences in a small footprint. FURY Solo joins the 2-player FURY Duo in the VRstudios lineup.

The FURY Solo will make its debut at IAAPA Expo. Attendees can experience the attraction at Creative Works’ booths.

VRstudios offers a growing catalog of Real Sport VR Experiences for the FURY designed specifically for broad appeal and labor-free operation at amusement locations, including the recently released Football Frenzy, the VR quarterback arcade experience.

“VRstudios continues to develop VR experiences and attractions designed to be arcade-easy additions for operators who want a broad mix of games and amusement options,” noted Kevin Vitale, CEO and Chairman of VRstudios. “For the FURY, we now have two amazing VR Sports titles, attractions in single-player and multiplayer configurations, and aggressive promotional pricing that makes it easy for operators to buy a FURY and future-proof their investment.”

Photo courtesy of Gateway Ticketing Systems.
Gateway Ticketing Systems – Booth #4847

Experience “The Guest Journey” which immerses participants in the experience of the guest; from purchasing a ticket to accessing the venue, being upsold, stopping at the gift shop or cafe, exiting the attraction, and upgrading a ticket to a membership or season pass. Participants will be able to follow their own ticket and guest account live and watch as Gateway’s Galaxy Ticketing and Guest Experience solution registers all transactional touchpoints, forming a 360-degree view of a guest’s visit, and enabling the Gateway team to personalize the experience. Tickets for the Journey are live.

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