Friday, April 16, 2021

March 7 Declared International Laserist Day in Honor of Ivan Dryer

March 7 was declared “International Laserist Day” by the International Laser Display Association (ILDA). Every March 7 is a day for recognizing the people and companies who design spectacular laser shows and laser art throughout the world.

Ivan Dryer (L) receives award at 2014 IMERSA conference

ILDA encourages Member companies and all laserists to celebrate this day through open houses, special events, press releases, etc.

International Laserist Day was approved by the ILDA Board of Directors at their March 2017 meeting.

March 7 was chosen because it is the birthday of Ivan Dryer, the “father of the laser light show industry.” He was the first person to present laser shows on a continuing basis to a widespread audience, through his Laserium® planetarium shows. The term “Laserium” especially in the late 20th century was synonymous with artistic shows that focused on laser light alone (e.g., not as part of a larger concert or special event).

Dryer was the first recipient of the ILDA Career Achievement Award, in 1990. More information about Dryer is here.

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