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PeopleVisionFX creates PhotonOpticon for Air Force Research Laboratory

Dayton, Ohio, USA – PeopleVisionFX has created a PhotonOpticon presentation for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. The display features three, full-length, full-size holographic figures who discuss the opportunities for scientists and engineers in pursuing careers at the Laboratory.

In addition to presenting a contemporary scientist and engineer, the exhibit includes a recreation of Albert Einstein himself. “The use of the cutting-edge PhotonOpticon presentation technology was a natural choice for an exhibit that discusses technological innovation,” says PeopleVisionFX president, Wayne Sullivant.

The PhotonOpticon is a hologram-type effect where video images of varying levels of translucency are projected onto a transparent screen. Unlike ordinary holograms, PhotonOpticon images are able to move and to incorporate synchronized audio.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is one of the world’s premier research facilities, with a distinguished history of technological innovation in propulsion, avionics, materials, sensors, optics, and many other disciplines.

About PeopleVisionFX

PeopleVisionFX, Roselle, NJ, produces creative special effects for themed environments, museums and corporate exhibits. PeopleVisionFX technologies include a unique system for three dimensional video projection. Products using this technique include the SpokesMannequin, an animated figure that accurately reproduces the voice, likeness and expressive nuances of a live presenter. Other dimensional video products from PeopleVisionFX include the Anatomical VideoSculpture, along with the FollowTech and MagicMirror products. PeopleVisionFX products also include HydroVision water effects which combine shaped water, fog effects, and video projection.

For more information, contact Wayne Sullivant at (973) 509-2056, [email protected] or peoplevisionfx.com.

Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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